Saturday, August 29, 2009

Update and revision

As of late, there has been a surge of interest in gun rights, partcularly the OC movement, whether in the unadulterated loaded form or the bastardized unloaded form. I find this enthusiasm to warm even the subcockles of my heart and, at times, brings me to tears of happiness.

In spite of all that, I feel that it is necessary to direct this abundant energy into a more concerted effort and that is why I have, ironically, decided to stand down on open carry for now.

Without going into too much detail, there are a lot of little things going on in the background in the legal sphere that will enable us Californians to gain a foothold and fight back for our rights. The current thought on this issue is that if anything adverse or politically backwards occurs in the fight for the Second Amendment here in California, things can go sour. Recent history has shown that any laws passed, whether Constitutional or not, have the unfortunate side effect of withstanding the test of time and providing a near insurmountable obstacle to our goals. As it stands right now, there are several laws that are poised to be voted upon that could potentially set us back in time, money, blood and tears if the Legislature should be scared even an iota in the wrong direction.

This all sounds ironic and maybe even hypocritical, considering how vocal and visible I have been as of late for exercising what rights we can behind the oppressive contstaints of what I like to call California's "Iron Curtain." However, my efforts are at least guided by the advice of a few men that I know to be of greater mind and knowledge than I and this is the course that both they (my "mentors," if you will) and I have found to be the most prudent and, dare I say it, politically wise.

That said, I kindly request that until further notice (at least until September 11th, preferably a litle longer) that OCers please stand down and wait for the current legislative session to end and for a few important judicial milestones to have been reached.

Until that day, please divert a some of your energy into other useful channels. In a week or two I will try ot post some ideas that I have.



Tuesday, August 11, 2009

SoCalGuns blows

So I went to SoCalGuns on the 1st with lorax3 (Jason) to transfer an OLL and while we were there I decided to OC (generally an OC friendly location.) I was not in there 5 minutes when I was yelled at in a rude manner by either owner or the manager.

-Are you law enforcement?
-Do you have a permit for that thing?
-No permit is required.
-Yes there is, you have to have a permit for a loaded gun
-It's not loaded
-Doesn't matter, you have to take it out of the store now.

Apparently this put the owner/manager in a snit because when Jason and I asked why our receipt for the safety lock for our PPT was invalid we were promptly told to leave the store, thus denying us a PPT.

I tried to resolve the situation without involving the DOJ but since SoCalGun is unwilling to make amends or admit wrongdoing I just went ahead and filed a complaint anyways. Our main issue is that we did not refuse to buy a lock but we were denied a lawful PPT anyways.

SoCalGuns lost my brother as a customer years ago and it looks like they have lost me too, in addition to all the people that I know.

Back to metabolic biochemistry.



Sunday, August 9, 2009

North County Times Writeup

I didn't interview for this article (the author used my blog) and I ended up on the front page.

Region: Police officers eyes opening to 'open carry' discussion discussion



Thursday, August 6, 2009

Apparently the Aussies like me :)

OK, so I just got an email from a reader named Sarah, the owner of Whooga in Australia and she has informed me that the readers of this blog are given 30 bucks off a pair of Ugg boots from her store if you enter in the promo code "CAOPENCARR". No conditions to the discount and Whooga ships to all countries. (The code does work, I checked it out :) )

Website here:

I am trying to figure out if Sarah is a sympathetic England woman or she is an American transplant to England. I find this quite interesting :)

ETA: Sarah is an Aussie. Way cool. :)