Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Catfish Club Debate

Just thought I would let you all know that I will be a panelist for a debate over AB1934 at the Catfish Club this coming Friday. The details are in this link.



Thursday, July 15, 2010

FUD at Turner's Kearney Mesa

So I stopped by Turner's in Kearney Mesa today to see if anyone decided to pawn off any cool rifles that I could snag on the cheap. While there I chatted with a sales associate about my 5.11 Select Carry pack. I told him about it, showed him the Makarov I was LUCCing in the chest pocket and when I told him about Lori Saldana's goons at the Lafayette debate, things began to go downhill. I am just going to itemize the FUD that he spewed forth.

1) He said that the cops in Lafayette could have demanded ID from me. This sparked a $100 bet on whether or not California has a stop-and-ID statute. More details on this later.

1) He said that if you drove somewhere in a car, got out on foot and were stopped by an officer that the officer could compel ID.

2) He said that my LUCC'd Makarov was a violation of the law and store policy. He only mentioned this after he had Googled the law for a few minutes, went into the back room to discuss something with a manager then got all huffy when leaving to attend another customer. I had to let another guy check my Makarov (it was cool, it sparked a talk on Makarovs for a bit). Also, I do not feel that I violated store policy and neither do the other sales guys. I will be asking corporate tomorrow.

3) He said that there is a length limit on knives in California. Another $100 bet was levied on this but I believe he backed out of it.

4) He said that his buddy down in Harbor Patrol has "run the OCers out of his area" and that he would do the same to me if I showed up in the Harbor area. Looks like I have a new challenge and yet another way to spend by Thursday nights (while single)

5) He challenged me to give him my license plate number so that he could call his SDHP friend and harass me while I was LUCCing/UOCing a pistol. It just keeps getting better.

6) He tried to school me on private property law and how he was a nice guy for not telling me to leave. Yeah...

As for the bet, I left him my email address so he could Gunpal the money when he figures out that he the loser. I am not holding my breath though, he looks as dishonest as the day is long.

On the bright side, I got recognized by a guy in the store whose brother was inspired by the Reader article and OC'd his shotgun in San Bernadino for a school project. He ended up getting detained for 1.5 hours, having his gun disassembled to check for loaded status (even though he had a safety lock through the action) and was eventually let go. Not necessarily a good story, but kind of a cool school project.

I also educated the same guy on concealing fixed blade knives. He showed me his two fixed blades under his jacket and I quickly corrected 10 years worth of misinformation. I also gave him advice on covering his rear legally in terms of reading and knowing the law.

Such was my day at Turners. If anyone stops by there at all, feel free to nag him about the bet. I don't know his name but he is a late 30s-early 40s guy with gray hair and moderate build.

Back to Anatomy.



Monday, July 5, 2010

St. Bridgid's Parish

I carried during mass at St. Bridgid's Parish on Cass Street after my Independence Day activity. I had one gentleman ask me if I was an off-duty cop and the two people with him were all smiles when I told them "Nope, I'm just an ordinary guy" and "Happy Fourth!" No one else in church seemed to care.

Let freedom ring.



Sunday, July 4, 2010


Happy 4th of July!

We are heading into some dark times but I trust that the flame of liberty will not perish.

That said, despite dire predictions on behalf of some Calguns members, today was pretty much just another day in the neighborhood. Here is how it went...

Since most people had other plans for the 4th, we had a very small group of individuals carrying today. We started out at Kono's for breakfast. Kono's is very popular and the hour-long line was halfway down the block. While waiting, my group spoke with two very nice Nevada residents and discussed the nuances of Nevada and Kalifornia gun laws. It turned out that they were pro-gun but not carriers but we helped them realize what a privilege shall-issue concealed carry is, and they said' they'd apply for their permits. Hopefully, they preserve that lovely Nevada "outlaw" culture.

After breakfast, we strolled the boardwalk, taking in the view. As we walked we were stopped by a promoter for Shen Yun and we had a good but slightly disheartening chat with him. Here is the recording. Immediately afterwards, we were accosted by two police officers. I have to laugh at the opening line; it was like asking if the sky was blue.

We then decided to put to rest Lori Saldana's hysterical claim that open carriers, obviously the most law abiding people in Kalifornia, are somehow a drain on police resources. So to test that theory, Sam called in a "man with gun" call on himself via the non-emergency SDPD line.

The dispatcher did not seem concerned, correctly assuming that the OC'ers (us) were legal. We waited a while, and eventually went on our way. Both our internal and external information sources were monitoring the police airwaves and promised to alert us to any MWG calls. No notification ever came, just as no police ever arrived. We can safely assume that our phone call ended with dispatch.

Lori is lying again. \sarcasm\ Who would have thought it possible? /sarcasm/

After wandering about for 3.5 hours total, we all went home.

Now, a debriefing.

1) There was A (singlular) firecracker the whole day and it sounded like one of those Mexican jumping beans. No one freaked, no one laid down suppression fire, no cops pulled their weapons.

2) No one ran around accusing us of shooting our guns off.

3) There were three cops that we saw THE ENTIRE TIME. Only two contacted us and only one made the mistake of opening his mouth.

4) We heard A LOT of positive comments and support.