Friday, July 25, 2008

Standing down on open carry...

It has come to my attention through the community that it might not be the best idea to open carry until at least August 31st, as that is when the law making session ends for the time being and whatnot. The other reasons are a little bit fuzzy at the moment because I have not taken the time to give them a closer look but it seems that they also has to do with getting California incorporated with respect to the Heller decision and the possibility of having "shall-issue" CCW permits being a contestable issue.

With the legal benefits of Heller incorporation outweighing at least the educational benefits of open carry, I will respectfully stand down on my activities for the sake of my fellow brethren in arms.

Until August 31st...



Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Donut shop, Old Navy and the Mall.

I took my sister today to get her oil changed and while waiting for the billing and stuff I slipped the Tracker into her holster and went over to the donut shop (I love donuts!). I ordered my French Crueller (one of the few things the French have done right) and despite the blatant hippie (yes, he was from SF!) in the place there were no alarms raised.

Then, we hopped into the car and went over to Old Navy to scoop up some clothes on sale. No alarms were raised here either. Fitting room lady had no issues and even joked with me about the lack of jeans in my size at the cash register.

After that, we went to the mall (North County Fair) and I walked over to MasterCuts (aka BastardCuts) from the rear entrance near Red Robin to get my head shaved for an exorbitant fee. The hair stylist didn't notice much and didn't say anything if she did. It should be noted that the cape I had on covered the gun while I was getting a haircut so I am not sure if I was illegally concealing? I did pull it up and over a little bit for posterity... then again, maybe I am being a little paranoid?

I got done a little early (she decided not to use her artistic talent in sculpting my hair, that unimaginative dork) so I called my sister and met her down at New York and Co. No problems or looks going to and being in the store.

Same with on the way out.

As usual, everything was eventless.

With that, I am off to clean my car... it is in need of at least a good vacuuming!


Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Cold Stone and Dark Knight

So my friend Stephanie and I, both kindred spirits of things geeky and cool (I practice geekiness in a more moderate tone, she is FULL-OUT geeky... LOVE IT!) went out to see The Dark Knight at the local Esconghetto theatre. Since this area is usually filled with some questionable characters, especially late at night, I decided that the Tracker would accompany me.

So right after Bible study, Steph jumped into my car and we headed over to the theatre. I nearly stopped at my favorite donut joint but Steph, anxious to get to the damned movie 30min prior to the start time, jockeyed me along.

Steph initially balked at me packing when we got to the theatre and caught sight of Tracker being pulled in a sloooow manner out of my gun bag but I insisted that it was OK and everything was legal. After inserting Tracker into her rightful home, a hankering for ColdStone(r) hit me so we both went in. There were 4 teenage girls in the typical late night "I was going to bed but then decided to get ColdStone(r)" look of wrinkled Juicy pants and gaudy tank tops, as well as a married couple with their child. Everyone saw I was carrying and made no hint of alarm.

After excessive joking and bantering with Steph about all manner of nonsense in ColdStone(r) while waiting to be helped, we finally selected, paid and carried out our Love It-sized cheesecake, Oreo and Reese's Pieces masterpiece of glucose wonder to the area in front of the theatre and ate it. Again, no alarms were raised.

After paying for our tickets we both walked into the theatre. Again, no alarms were raised. Same with selecting our seat (it was fully lit at the time) and watching the movie (then again, who is going to see it?)

Walking out was a non-issue as well.

I love having a little faith instilled in me! I must admit, I got a big jolt of butterflies going into there for the first time but now I feel completely fine. Only one other time in my life have I gotten butterflies that bad but that was actually for a good thing :0)

Anyways, I have to go to bed. I have to take my sister to class and have my genetically bastardized teeth drilled and filled, sans numbing, later in the afternoon. Maybe I should carry into the dentist's office... naw, better not make her nervous, teeth hurt like hell!

Until next time...

Monday, July 14, 2008

To Office Depot we shall go...

So apparently, my sister's speech class is fairly needy so my mom asked me to go take her to get some supplies at Office Depot. After my usual quick legal check (closest school was 1300' away) I grabbed the Tracker and I headed out.

As usual, it was a blissful experience. There were two greeters at the door (they were slow) and while they saw I was open carrying they didn't even bat an eye. Looking through the mechanical pencils and pens with my 15-year-old sister there were quite a few people that passed me by and no alarm was raised. Joked with a few old ladies about the price of replacement erasers, had a few laughs with the sister and then we went to the checkout. Again, no problems of any kind. The cashier didn't seem to notice and on my way out the greeters were very nice as well.

I must say, my opinions about the prevalence of the anti-gun stigmas I so often read about seem to have very shallow ground out here in SD County. My faith in at least people accepting the fact that guns are not evil is growing each and every day.

Of course, I do have my opposition. Both my Mom and Dad would prefer that I don't open carry and my Dad has gone so far as to say that what I am doing is meaningless and stupid since it "scares people" and that I should focus on my studies or other such subjects. He also laid the big one on me by saying he has gotten along for his whole life without a gun at his side (meaning that since he never needed one, no one needs one) and that my analogies to peaceable demonstrations (e.g. Martin Luther King, etc) were "crap." Needless to say, I was kind of bummed out when I heard his opinion about it last night after eating at the Fish House but then I realized the generation gap (63 vs. 21) and he doesn't realize the full importance of exercising one's rights, especially in a state that is at the forefront for most gun legislation and bias.

Don't get me wrong, I do love my parents, but they can be a bit close-minded at times. I guess I will just have to do this without their support.

Besides, I am in has to protest SOMETHING, right?

Adios for now.


Saturday, July 12, 2008

OWB photo of the Makarov

Once this pistol is registered to me (and cleaned up a little bit) I will be open carrying it. (For those observant readers, this is the 2nd Makarov that I have procured)

This holster is great. Rob of Simply Rugged has never made a holster for the Makarov (he does the Walther PP and PPK though, the Makarov gets the design from the Walther PPK) so I sent him a tracing and detailed photos with measurements and he made me this little gem. While I would have preferred a thumb strap, this holster hugs this gun so well it doesn't need one.

This gun is also pretty nice as it has a ClipDraw on it for small of back carry... just for those occasions that you never know will come up. It fits in the holster just fine while on the gun, which is nice.

Well, adios for now.


Quality Circle meeting.

So this morning I went to a "Quality Circle Meeting" (aka get together and talk about what is going on in the workplace) for my job and since this was an invitation meeting at an alternate location (Paneras), I decided to pack the Tracker.

I must admit, stepping into Paneras for the first time was pretty scary. My stomach was feeling a bit butterfly-ish but I quickly got over that as I knew that I was well within my legal confines. The only major threat was a preschool nearby but since preschools are not government mandated institutions, I was in the legal clear.

It is funny to mention that my boss actually joked with me about carrying my revolver to the meeting a few days prior and actually said I could carry it in. Part of me thinks he was joking because the look on his eyes when I showed up was priceless. Nevertheless, he made no further objections than the usual comments of "Why do you have that thing?" and the meeting went just fine. Little did I know that although we (the 12 of us) were invited to come, we were all actually getting paid and getting breakfast as well (chocolate bagels are my favorite!) so I guess I got to pack heat while on company time... pretty sweet!

It is also funny to note that one of my coworkers, Brian, is a complete and utter tool and was trying to tell me how illegal it was to conceal carry. When I told him it was open carrying and that one could conceal with a license, he still said I was in the legal wrong. I bet him 20 bucks that I was legal and even told him that he could call his cop cousin (who also works with me on occasion) to verify. Of course, all my coworkers told him that they trusted me in this legal matter and he promptly shut his trap... for the time being.

Later on, he did call his cousin and he said that it was legal for me to do that. Brian told me that the laws were "passed recently", that I was asking for trouble and police harassment (let them come!) and that "psychos" like me shouldn't be allowed to carry or own a gun, especially since Columbine happened. I told him that shootings always happen in "gun free zones" and he responded with "Exactly!" Like I said, he is a tool and has, in several ways, advocated for a police state.

After that, I stopped by Costco at my mother's request to see if there were some Disney tickets to be had. Unfortunately, they were out so I proceeded to my "happiest place on earth"... THE GUN SHOW!!!

Now, I know that California gun shows are severely dumbed down, but I still find great joy in them. With Heller reaffirming what everyone already knows, a .44mag strapped to my side and 200 bucks in my pocket, why shouldn't I be happy?

Very soon after my entrance I found a kid buying a parkerized Cold Steel Bushman, a knife that I have been looking for FOREVER! Unfortunately, it was the last one so I will have to wait a while longer but I did get to talk with Michael Miller of American Street Combat and Frank Griffin of Gryphon Detective Agency about open carrying and the like. These fine gentlemen both gave me their business cards and I was offered a free combat lesson to boot! In exchange, I gave them the address to this blog.

While my search for what I wanted (good safe, Cold Steel Trailhawk tomahawks and other such nonsense) came up short, I did walk out with 250rds of 225gr .44mag ammo, a set of .44mag snap caps, a brick of .22 (10 bucks!) and some cleaning supplies. I did figure out the safe that I need/want to buy so now I have to just search around and find it. I was offered a good deal at the gun show for a Patriot P22 but I did not want to go on an impulse buy so I decided to stick it out for a little longer. The P40 looks SOOOO tempting too but alas! Out of my budget.

With that, I must depart. The garden has need of my TLC.

Until next time.


Friday, July 11, 2008

Links to previous stories.

Here are the links to the open carry stories that I have posted over on

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My tools.

OK, here are the two guns that I carry with me on my treks through life.

One is my Taurus Tracker .44mag, or "Tracker" for short. Weighing in at 34.8oz, it is the 3rd lighest .44Mag revolver on the market (that I know of), following the S&W 329PD and the Taurus UltraLite .44mag. I chose this particular handgun since it forms a "matched pair" with its bigger brother, the Puma 92 .44Mag. The stainless steel is really easy to keep up and the porting is a real winner in keeping everything under control. Since bears are not usually seen on my walks through life here in San Diego, I keep .44spl in the speedloaders.

To accompany the Taurus Tracker is a Sourdough holster, speedloader pouch and "Most Versatile" pouch, all from Simply Rugged. For those of you that don't already know, Rob Leahy makes an insanely good holster that you simply cannot beat for the price. I cannot recommend his holsters enough. My next purchase is going to be the harness system so I can tuck my guns in a shoulder holster configuration.

The next gun is my trusty Bulgarian Makarov in 9x18 Makarov, forever dubbed "the Mak". Weighing in at approximately 22oz, this little bit of ComBloc goodness is truly a family favorite. Lightweight, strong and extremely reliable, this pistol will share in my open carry travels when wardrobe and other such factors call this pistol into action.

It is carried in an Open Top holster from Simply Rugged.

To accompany it (and therefore keep in compliance with California laws regarding the concealment of loaded magazines) is a double magazine pouch, also from Simply Rugged.

Pictured below is the holster and setup. Please note that I do not utilize the IWB (inside-the-waistband) configuration while open carrying, but I did order this holster with that ability and took pictures in that configuration for aesthetic purposes. I will post pictures of my holster in OWB (outside the waistband) configuration in short order.

With that, I must depart for bed. It is 4am you know!



Hello everyone!

Well, it has come time for me to step out of the familiar shadows of my favorite gun forums (Primarily, but I have been known to post, albeit sporadically, on,, and and into a more online community accessible format. the BLOG.

To start off, I would like to list the reasons why I participate in the legal open carrying of my weapons, an activity that is seen by many a supporter and antagonist as futile and meaningless.

1) I am trying to effect change by peaceable actions.The concealed carry laws here totally suck and the open carry ones aren't much better. With the Heller decision coming down in our favor, it shouldn't be too hard to effect some measure of change, like getting rid of the "unloaded in incorporated only" policy, etc.

2) To inform law enforcement of the laws. All too often, law enforcement does not realize what the laws are and are too quick to punish and ruin those following those laws. By following the law and making sure that the law enforcement is notified beforehand, I can effect a change in the mindset and practices of our favorite law enforcement officers so that we as free men can exercise our rights in the fullest capacity granted by law.

3) To inform the public about firearms. All too often I am asked why I own a gun (or guns), the "licensing requirements" and other such questions concerning the law, history and the general sport of shooting. With open carrying, it affords me an opportunity to diffuse my knowledge and bring other people into the sport. As it stands now, I have a policy of "You pay for the range, I will bring the guns and ammo" as a way to get people to try out our noble sport.

Being that I am a thoughtful soul, all comments, questions and ideas are appreciated and will be answered appropriately.

Thanks for reading. Time for some stories!