Wednesday, April 29, 2009

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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

To the California Highway Patrol

Well, you guys found my blog by searching for "can i carry a gun in my car in california" and since I am bored with writing a paper on Kelly's Heroes, I shall entertain you with some factoids on that very matter.

1) As long as one is 1000' away from a K-12 school, then UOC is completely legal in a car with either long or handgun.
2) If one is transporting a handgun within 1000' of a K-12 school or just transporting it in general, it needs to be in a locked container.
3) Ammo and the firearm can be in the same container.
4) Long guns can be concealed or openly carried in a car or on one's person anywhere in the state (save for the restricted places, like state/national parks, post offices, etc) as long as it is unloaded. HOWEVER, there is some scare about the GFSZA (federal) law coming into play so it is currently not fully tested yet. Thus, it is recommended BUT NOT NECESSARILY REQUIRED (on a state level, that is) to have a long gun in a locking case.
5) Citizens are not required to inform police that there is a firearm in the car, whether openly displayed or concealed.

That should pretty much solve it for you guys.

This could be the start to a nice FAQ page for all the Googlers out there.



Incident report from 4-07-09

I just got the incident report from my 4-07-09 Detainment and I must say, I am startled at the brevity of this report. I mean, there isn't even one mention of all the laws that the police officer broke! Shall we list them again?

1) Detaining me for longer than the 12031 check requires, which is about 10 seconds.
2) Detaining me not having committed a crime, e.g. "fishing expedition"
3) Ignoring the fact that I protested his attempts at warrantless searches
4) Seizing my personal property sans a warrant.
5) Seizing my identification sans a warrant.
6) Running the serial number on my weapon sans a warrant.
7) Running my identification sans a warrant or vehicle code violation.
8) Turning off my voice recorder, sans a warrant.

Report is below.


Funny story about me picking up this report... the cop behind the glass knew who I was as I walked through the door. As usual, I was wearing my holster and CGN shirt into the station and as I walked in, a police officer stood up behind the glass, motioned over to me and asked if I was there to pick up my incident report.

This particular officer had seen me before when I came in to file for my incident report while wearing the same outfit so either he recognized my outfit or he recognized me from a photo. either way, he did recognize me in some capacity.

See why I hate giving out my ID?

Saturday, April 25, 2009


Not exactly related to open carry but hey, it is still pretty funny.

So Macadelic4 and I decided to end the Students for Concealed Carry on Campus protest week with a "bang" (hehe) by donning out bulletproof vests and holsters and garnering some extra attention to the cause, all with some good results. We discussed the merits of effective self-defense with a firearm on campus to about 15-20 people. Both Macadelic4 and I were surprised to find so many pro-gun people on our campus, considering the fact that UCSD is typically described as a liberal cesspool.

With that, here is a video and a few photos from that day! Please excuse the quality, as both video and photos were taken with my camera.


On a different yet similar note, our campus just had Sexual Assault Awareness Month for the month of April. In response to my asinine and illogical treatment by the Sexual Assault and Rape Center for UCSD (SARC) and the UCSD Police Department, posted here, I decided to make my opinion on women's rights known. This was during the SCCC protest week.


Friday, April 24, 2009

My 4-07-09 Detainment

For the full text of my detainment story, please see this link. It is posted as a Google Document to avoid formatting issues with Word-to-HTML conversion. The following link is what I sent to the Internal Affairs Department at the Escondido Police Department in its entirety as part of my complaint.

Link here.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A Ruff Time

I must say, I sometimes get to meet some really weird people. Here is my story.

So last night I attended and gave a lecture at the San Diego County Gun Rights Committee meeting, held at the Denny's on Clairemont Mesa Blvd. As some of my frequent readers may know, I was asked a while ago to give a presentation on this subject to this committee but it was postponed last month due to some logistical issues.

In attendance at this meeting were several patriotic groups, among them the San Diego Minutemen, the 2nd Amendment Sisters, various NRA members and a San Diego Sheriff's candidate, Bruce Ruff, not to mention some CGN/OCDO members, namely KylaGWolf, The Nomadd, NoHammer, Macadelic4 and Flintlock Tom.

After socializing for about an hour and getting everyone into the meeting the auxillary groups gave their introductions and calls for support (Minutemen, Ruff, maybe one other) and then it became my turn to take the floor. This is where things begin to get interesting.

In my presentation, I gave a general run down of what open carry is, what it is about, legal rights, etc. It was not even three minutes into the presentation when I began to get questions and I didn't stop answering questions for at least an hour, if not more (time flies when you're having fun.) Here are some of them that I answered (Can't remember them all and the following are in no particular order)

1) What is the purpose?
2) What do you hope to accomplish?
3) Can I carry ammo and the gun in the same container?
4) How do I lock up my gun in a car/truck/van?
5) What is loaded?
6) What have you been doing to get the word out there?
7) Handgun vs. Long gun carry?
8) Are shoulder rigs/IWB holsters OK?
9) What problems have you had?
10) How many times have the cops come up to you?
11) Can you carry into a bar?
12) Where can't you carry?
13) How do people generally respond?
14) Do you carry a bug?
15) Do you have a PC list?
16) How do I travel on an airline with a gun? (We had an ex-TSA agent there, pretty funny)

True to form, there was one dissenter in the group that stated that if you open carry you have a 50/50 chance of getting shot and "that is a fact." We ended up arguing that point for about four minutes and it ended when Flintlock Tom stated about the ongoing bet over on OCDO (or some other site) about this very issue and when another gentlemen said that this discussion was not about tactics but about the rights we can exercise.

Throughout this whole discussion/Q&A session I answered case law, told some of my stories, imparted a few (minute) details of my latest OC detainment (it will be posted soon, I promise!), other misconceptions, etc.

After I gave my spiel, Flintlock Tom went up and handed out fliers and imparted some words of wisdom about knowing the law and whatnot and then I got called up again to answer more questions. This continued for a little while longer and NOW is where the fun begins...

It was at this point in time that someone asked Ruff about something to do with OC and CCW policies and Ruff proceeded to go off on open carry, all in an effort to highlight his "pro-2nd amendment/pro-CCW" stance and make his political spiel again. Here are some of the comments that he made...

1) If he saw someone openly carrying a firearm, he would be completely justified in "doing them" and without question.
2) That "gang bangers" open carry and it makes it confusing for police officers to know who is the threat and who isn't. Oh yeah, gang bangers open carry all the time.
3) That openly carrying a firearm is ground for a Terry stop.
4) He can search someone based on a phone call.
5) When I challenged with case law about his erroneous statements, he stated that he "Didn't care about the law" (Oh yes, he went there)
6) People who OC are elevating the level of police confrontation.
7) People who OC are diverting or drawing LEOs from "real crime"
8) Open carry is just going to cause more crime because the Mexican gangs are just going to start using automatic weapons to clear houses and kidnap people (this one is priceless, more on this in a minute)
9) That if we really want to make a difference that we should get behind a politician that knows the score so that we can get our CCW permits.

Basically, Bruce Ruff is advocating that you submit to a taxed privilege instead of exercising your Constitutional rights because it makes everyone feel better.

Throughout this entire spiel I asked him some of the usual questions about LEOs in other states not having as hard of a time with the Constitution as people do here but he would not allow me to reason on those grounds (but he did make a comparison to Mexico? Wait until you guys hear the audio that I got of this, it is f****** priceless!) . He also declined to answer any of my other 4th Amendment challenges (also recorded.)

In the end, he ended up pissing off quite a few gun owners. I personally was getting a little hot under the collar but refused to lose my cool. NoHammer, KylaGWolf and The Nomadd were fairly instrumental in aiding me with the arguments that I had.

When the time came for me to exit, I walked out with Macadelic4, roomie Victor and NoHammer.

After shooting the breeze a bit by my car with another attendee (a Sicilian, nonetheless :) ), NoHammer made haste towards his homestead and Macadelic4, Victor and I headed over to the Cotixan taco shop for a late night bite to eat (It is about 9:45 by this time, I got to Denny's at 6:00 and spoke for at least 2 hours). As usual, I packed the Tracker and left the Benelli in the trunk. As usual, we had no real issues (well, some of the kids in the joint happened to be from a UCSD Christian club and got nervous when they overheard me talking to Mac and Victor about some of the stuff that Ruff told everyone about "doing people" but no real damage done)

PHEW! This blog post isn't even HALF as deep as I would like it to be but I think it will be better with the audio. When I can get to a computer that allows me to transfer my audio files I will post said audio up for you guys to ruminate over.

For now though, a little salmon and cleansing the fridge. Adios for now!


ETA: According to some statements by some that lingered afterwards, Ruff was apparently telling some individuals that the reason open carry got banned was "because of the Wild West" and he was also stating that taking and disabling a voice recorder is a justifiable police action. More on that in due time.

Monday, April 20, 2009

The View from Ecuador

Hello All

Im writing from ecuador where im on a surf vacation. nothing likewarm water and peeling point breaks.

I've been talking to a bunch of the locals and guess what? You have to get government permission to own a gun in this ocuntry, but from what i gather it's not a big deal, ie they allow you unless they have a really good reason to deny you. and then once you're permitted to own, you can carry anywhere anytime, concealed, no permit required.

Contrast that to "the land of the free".

Well, at least we got Nordyke decided mostly our way. And hooray for the failing economy. Loss of money is unfortunately the only thing that gets most of the sheep to pull their heads out and look around. More and more people are realizing that virtually every problem we are experiencing as a nation is due to a lack of respect for the constitution.


Carry On!


Sunday, April 19, 2009

Attending Mass

I went with my sister this morning to 8am mass at St. Catherine Laboure Catholic Church in Clairemont and my OCing was utterly eventless.

Ability to defend the lambs in God's house: +1
Not having anyone faint out of fear: +1
Challenging yet another stereotype of the California population: PRICELESS!

Hope to see some of you guys at the Denny's meeting in Clairemont! See the calendar on the side for details!



Friday, April 17, 2009

Korean food!

So I went out last night with my brother OJ and two of his friends (J.D. and Sonny) to get some Korean food and to have a little bit of hang-out time. We started at the Tofu House and after having an appetizer (can't remember the name) we walked across the street over to yet another Korean food place (weird name, but good!) and waited about 35 minutes for a table. While waiting outside on the sidewalk I experienced no issues.

In total, I spent about 1.75 hours in this restaurant and I had absolutely no issues. I did have two curious people, one a patron and one a server, ask me about it and I gave them a short rundown and a business card and were pretty stoked about it.

I would also like to point out at this time that it is pretty obvious that people aren't very spooked by guns all that much. On the contrary, the ones that ask me about it are almost relieved to know that there are options out there for them to carry and some even know about how crappy the CCW issuing system is.

A great open carry adventure, to say the least.



Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Chito's, Orosco Ridge, Trader Joes, Hollywood Video

OK, so I have been slacking a bit so I shall make up for it in a big blog post!

The first part is from Sunday (4/12), the day I went with Macadelic4 and Twitchalot to the range. Since Twitchalot's mom was coming and she doesn't know my neck of the woods very well we decided to rendezvous at Chito's Taco Shop.

Twitch got there a little early so I met him there to have a chat and wait for everyone else. While waiting I talked with and educated a guy waiting for his pizza order to get done about OC, how random shootouts don't occur nor are people such as myself looking for a fight, etc. All in all, an informative event.

Fast forward to today...

Today I went out to rent a movie from Hollywood Video (my brother has been bugging me to see Fearless) but since I was a bit early I decided to walk over to Trader Joe's to pick up some basil. Not wanting to drive, I walked all the way over, bought my basil and walked back. I got one stare from a customer while in line but he didn't say anything. One would think that with the extra large chest I get from wearing my body armor that I would get at least a few stares from the ladies but alas, no such luck!

The final excursion to Hollywood Video was as eventless as it was fruitless.

With that, I went home.

Back to studying!



Monday, April 6, 2009

4th San Diego Open Carry Outing (INVITE ONLY!)

OK guys, here is the deal. There is going to be another San Diego Open Carry Outing sometime in the near future but the only way to get the details on it is to get an invite. In order to get an invite, you have to be an actively posting member of good standing on either or OR personally know either my brother Sam or myself. If you would like to go but are not not currently a member or posting member of either forum nor know my brother or myself, then you can try to tag along with another member that you may know is going.

I apologize for the caution being exercised with this meetup but it is necessary to prevent excessive police interaction and bad press from the likes of KPBS or other hackjob journalists.

There will be other meets in the future that are more public in scope that you may be able to attend, but for the moment this is how we will be operating.

If interested, PM me via or so I can verify user names and posting statuses.

Hope to see you all there!



Sunday, April 5, 2009

Vallarta Supermarket and Big 5

My brother OJ made tamales today and was in need of a tamale steamer so we started looking around at a few Mexican grocery stores to find one. After some fruitless searches (no OCing in any of them because of 626.9) we were about to head to El Tigre Foods but saw Vallarta Supermarket on Valley Parkway and diverted over there. Safely out of 626.9 jurisdiction, I strapped on the Tracker and headed in. All in all, a pleasant experience with no complaints or issues. Weirdly enough, this supermarket has an armed guard at the front? Quite interesting.

Being in close proximity to Big 5 and "needing" to look at the Interstate 982, I mosied on over to have a good fondling session at the firearms counter. Unfortunately they didn't have the 982 BUT I did get to take a look at the Norinco coach gun... could make a pretty cool trunk gun, hehe :)

Homework time!


Saturday, April 4, 2009

Vons, WAMU, Orosco Ridge and Domino's Pizza

So today it was decided that a range trip was necessary, as Macadelic4 (Matt W) has never been to Orosco Ridge and my friend Matt (henceforward known as "Matt") hasn't been shooting in a great while. Having no stash of ear plugs, I ventured over to Vons to pick up a pack. While there I open carried and I had absolutely no issues, not even from the people in the line with which I chatted.

Afterwards, I went over to WAMU to break a $100 into $20s. No issues there either, in and out in 3 minutes with smiles.

Then, we went to the range! I open carried in the car on the way there, it was a nice reprieve from having to stow the Tracker in her cloth dungeon in the trunk.

Here are some photos of our day!

1) Matt with Macadelic4's AR-15
2) Macadelic4 "Mak Packin'" gangster style.
3) Macadelic4's AR-15 and my 10/22
4) Shooting Macadelic4's AR-15
5) Tracker in crossdraw, Single Six on strongside, Makarov in SOB and 10/22 in my arms.
6) Macadelic4 posting his AR-15 on my Mosin.
7) Myself and Matt looking over on the line and waiting for the range to go hot.
8) Stabbity stab!
9) The back of Macadelic4's car on our way out :)

Photobucket Photobucket

Photobucket Photobucket

So then, our day gets even better...

Feeling a bit hungry after such a long shooting trip, we all decided that pizza would be a great thing to have so we cruised on over to Domino's Pizza next to Orchard's Marketplace in Ramona (I carried in the car the entire way.) Feeling a bit frisky, I open carried while still in my bulletproof vest and Macadelic4 wore the shirt we shot up earlier over his bullet proof vest for an added effect. I believe some feigned limping was involved as well for laughs :).

After coming back into Domino's after ordering, washing the carcinogens off of our hands at Orchard's Marketplace (still carrying) and commandeering a bench so we could get a third seat at the corner table, we ate our pizza and drank Fanta from those small plastic rammekins (Domino's doesn't have cups) and had a lot of fun and good laughs. In fact, the girl behind the counter at Domino's had a lot of fun with us too, we could hear her laughing at intervals.

During this whole outing, not one person made a peep or issue about us carrying nor wearing bullet proof vests, it was most excellent!

Here is what Macadelic4 looked like. The shirt he is wearing was stretched over a cardboard silhouette and was shot with 12ga, .22, 7.62x54R, 9x18 Makarov and .223, then put on over his bulletproof vest. Notice the exposed chest region and the whole new "battle-ridden" look that we were trying for. We nearly applied ketchup to his hair and shirt but he wouldn't go for it :)


With that, I shall depart, for I am in desperate need of a shower and to do some more Ochem and Physiology.



Shakespeare Pub and Grill

Before I begin another one of my stories, I would like to say WOO HOO for the 100th blog post!

OK, now that that is settled... :)

So I went down to San Diego after picking up my brother OJ at his apartment to attend a Stations of the Cross church service at my old parish near Little Italy with my parents and little sister. Unfortunately, open carry in a church is still kind of taboo for me (it is still more of a protest than anything, so until I can load up or conceal I think it is prudent not to disturb God's house) but afterwards we all went to Shakespeare Pub and Grill (right by El Indio!) for fish and chips. Was in there for approximately an hour with no issue, not even a blink. :)

Well, off to bed. Planting a little more in the garden in the morning and going shooting after that!



Friday, April 3, 2009

Society Billiard Cafe

Took a girlfriend of mine out to shoot pool in Pacific Beach last night. We parked on Garnet around 8:15 pm and I took a moment to put a fresh battery in my recorder. Then I strapped on the Glock and mags, stuffed some tri-folds in my right rear pocket and offered her my arm. She accepted and instead of crossing the street where we were, we walked down the block to the crosswalk and waited for the light to change.

Yes, horror of horrors, if not OCing I would have jaywalked. But it's wise to be prudent when you're dealing with a police force that is looking for any excuse to arrest you for exercising a right that SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED.

Another reason the establishment should welcome free men exercising their rights: under the current political climate, it makes OCers even more law-abiding.

Society was not busy with less than half of their tables in use. The doorman was checking ID and we made small-talk while my date delved in her purse for her driver's license. Passing muster, we made our way to the bar in the back of the pool hall and ordered up a table, a pizza, an icewater for me and a pear cider for her. The barmaid didn't bat an eye. Well, not at the gun, but I think she was kinda flirting with me otherwise.

We were midway through our fourth game when a buxom blonde walked up and somewhat apologetically asked me what I do for a living.

"I'm an entrepreneur." (so now open carry is a great way to meet women. will the benefits never cease?)

"Oh. But you have a gun. I thought you might be a private investgator or something."

"Nope. Just a regular citizen exercising my rights."

"My husband was kind of jealous that you're wearing a gun." (husband. dammit!)

"Well, is he still here? Have him come over!"

She beckoned across the room to a man who had been watching these proceedings, and he walked over and said hello. We made introductions all around.

"Hi. Your wife was saying that you're envious that I'm carrying. Do you have a gun?

"Yeah, and I wish I could carry but I don't have a permit."

"You don't need a permit to open carry," I said, whipping out a tri-fold. "There are a few hoops you have to jump through, though. This explains all the laws."

"At first I thought you were a bounty hunter or something."

"No, just a citizen. I think we're losing our rights in this country and luckily the supreme court finally admitted what pretty much every American already knew, that the second amendment protects and guarantees an individual right to keep and bear arms, not a collective right. So I carry as a political statement. And on a practical level, because any nutcase could walk in here and start shooting up the place and we're supposed to dial 911 and hope really really hard that the police get here before we're all dead. Not me."

He nodded in assent. "I agree. Well this is all good to know and I'll definitely read up on this. Thanks!"

"Have a good night."

And with that, they went back to their game and we returned to ours.

For those who are keeping score, (victim disarmament advocates -especially legislators- I'm looking in your direction) add these to your tallies:

Weapons brandishings: 0
Faintings: 0
Heart attacks: 0
Soiling of trousers: 0
Pantswetting Incidents: 0
Panicked Patrons: 0
Accidental Discharges: 0
Number of times Gun Sprouted Legs and Ran Amok, Pulling its Own Trigger (GSLRAPOT): 0
Number of times someone spotted me and was inspired to take my weapon from me while I rolled over into the fetal position, bleating with fear and crying for police protection: 0

And the big one, taking a cue from the "we CAN prove a negative" Bush administration that untold number of terrorist attacks were averted because we gave up our rights, we now carry our toiletries in 1-quart plastic bags and send our shoes through metal detectors;

Crimes averted that night because I was armed (conservative estimate) : 8 billion. One crime for every person on the planet, plus an extra 2 billion for the recidivist 33% of the population. I was armed, those 8 billion crimes didn't happen, therefore, they didn't happen BECAUSE I was armed. Simple, eh? ;)

Score another one for an armed populace.

I hope you all get as good a laugh reading these as I do writing them.



Thursday, April 2, 2009

List of articles on San Diego Open Carry

OK, here are a list of articles concerning the San Diego Open Carry Outing on Feb 28, 2009. Most of you guys have seen all of this already so this is for the newer readers.

The first one is done by none other than N6ATF of CGN. He interviewed me via chat and wrote a pretty nice article but was stiffed by several newspapers and thus didn't publish it, except on his page. Story here.

The second one is actually an expansion and a moderate butchering of N6ATF's article by Adriane Tillman of the Beach and Bay Press. I submitted to the interview with the idea that N6ATF would be compensated but since that is not the case, they will get no more interviews from me. Story here.

The third one is by Amita Sharma of KPBS. We all know about Amita and KPBS in general being skewed on civil rights pertaining to firearms but they have taken few steps to correct their willful ignorance of firearms, firearms law, etc. Story here.

The fourth one is, yet again, from Amita Sharma of KPBS. Sans an interview from me, she read my old posts and looked at my Westfield UTC trip videos to provide fodder for her article and did a great job of butchering it per KPBS regulations. Story here.

Well, off to do some Ochem, my nose is back to the grind stone! I am going shooting with a newb and a fellow Calgunner later on today so that will be a nice reprieve.