Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A Ruff Time

I must say, I sometimes get to meet some really weird people. Here is my story.

So last night I attended and gave a lecture at the San Diego County Gun Rights Committee meeting, held at the Denny's on Clairemont Mesa Blvd. As some of my frequent readers may know, I was asked a while ago to give a presentation on this subject to this committee but it was postponed last month due to some logistical issues.

In attendance at this meeting were several patriotic groups, among them the San Diego Minutemen, the 2nd Amendment Sisters, various NRA members and a San Diego Sheriff's candidate, Bruce Ruff, not to mention some CGN/OCDO members, namely KylaGWolf, The Nomadd, NoHammer, Macadelic4 and Flintlock Tom.

After socializing for about an hour and getting everyone into the meeting the auxillary groups gave their introductions and calls for support (Minutemen, Ruff, maybe one other) and then it became my turn to take the floor. This is where things begin to get interesting.

In my presentation, I gave a general run down of what open carry is, what it is about, legal rights, etc. It was not even three minutes into the presentation when I began to get questions and I didn't stop answering questions for at least an hour, if not more (time flies when you're having fun.) Here are some of them that I answered (Can't remember them all and the following are in no particular order)

1) What is the purpose?
2) What do you hope to accomplish?
3) Can I carry ammo and the gun in the same container?
4) How do I lock up my gun in a car/truck/van?
5) What is loaded?
6) What have you been doing to get the word out there?
7) Handgun vs. Long gun carry?
8) Are shoulder rigs/IWB holsters OK?
9) What problems have you had?
10) How many times have the cops come up to you?
11) Can you carry into a bar?
12) Where can't you carry?
13) How do people generally respond?
14) Do you carry a bug?
15) Do you have a PC list?
16) How do I travel on an airline with a gun? (We had an ex-TSA agent there, pretty funny)

True to form, there was one dissenter in the group that stated that if you open carry you have a 50/50 chance of getting shot and "that is a fact." We ended up arguing that point for about four minutes and it ended when Flintlock Tom stated about the ongoing bet over on OCDO (or some other site) about this very issue and when another gentlemen said that this discussion was not about tactics but about the rights we can exercise.

Throughout this whole discussion/Q&A session I answered case law, told some of my stories, imparted a few (minute) details of my latest OC detainment (it will be posted soon, I promise!), other misconceptions, etc.

After I gave my spiel, Flintlock Tom went up and handed out fliers and imparted some words of wisdom about knowing the law and whatnot and then I got called up again to answer more questions. This continued for a little while longer and NOW is where the fun begins...

It was at this point in time that someone asked Ruff about something to do with OC and CCW policies and Ruff proceeded to go off on open carry, all in an effort to highlight his "pro-2nd amendment/pro-CCW" stance and make his political spiel again. Here are some of the comments that he made...

1) If he saw someone openly carrying a firearm, he would be completely justified in "doing them" and without question.
2) That "gang bangers" open carry and it makes it confusing for police officers to know who is the threat and who isn't. Oh yeah, gang bangers open carry all the time.
3) That openly carrying a firearm is ground for a Terry stop.
4) He can search someone based on a phone call.
5) When I challenged with case law about his erroneous statements, he stated that he "Didn't care about the law" (Oh yes, he went there)
6) People who OC are elevating the level of police confrontation.
7) People who OC are diverting or drawing LEOs from "real crime"
8) Open carry is just going to cause more crime because the Mexican gangs are just going to start using automatic weapons to clear houses and kidnap people (this one is priceless, more on this in a minute)
9) That if we really want to make a difference that we should get behind a politician that knows the score so that we can get our CCW permits.

Basically, Bruce Ruff is advocating that you submit to a taxed privilege instead of exercising your Constitutional rights because it makes everyone feel better.

Throughout this entire spiel I asked him some of the usual questions about LEOs in other states not having as hard of a time with the Constitution as people do here but he would not allow me to reason on those grounds (but he did make a comparison to Mexico? Wait until you guys hear the audio that I got of this, it is f****** priceless!) . He also declined to answer any of my other 4th Amendment challenges (also recorded.)

In the end, he ended up pissing off quite a few gun owners. I personally was getting a little hot under the collar but refused to lose my cool. NoHammer, KylaGWolf and The Nomadd were fairly instrumental in aiding me with the arguments that I had.

When the time came for me to exit, I walked out with Macadelic4, roomie Victor and NoHammer.

After shooting the breeze a bit by my car with another attendee (a Sicilian, nonetheless :) ), NoHammer made haste towards his homestead and Macadelic4, Victor and I headed over to the Cotixan taco shop for a late night bite to eat (It is about 9:45 by this time, I got to Denny's at 6:00 and spoke for at least 2 hours). As usual, I packed the Tracker and left the Benelli in the trunk. As usual, we had no real issues (well, some of the kids in the joint happened to be from a UCSD Christian club and got nervous when they overheard me talking to Mac and Victor about some of the stuff that Ruff told everyone about "doing people" but no real damage done)

PHEW! This blog post isn't even HALF as deep as I would like it to be but I think it will be better with the audio. When I can get to a computer that allows me to transfer my audio files I will post said audio up for you guys to ruminate over.

For now though, a little salmon and cleansing the fridge. Adios for now!


ETA: According to some statements by some that lingered afterwards, Ruff was apparently telling some individuals that the reason open carry got banned was "because of the Wild West" and he was also stating that taking and disabling a voice recorder is a justifiable police action. More on that in due time.


Flintlock Tom said...

Wow! That's astounding that a candidate for sheriff would make statements like that at a gun rights meeting.
Is he brain-dead or just too honest for his own good?

J.R. said...

"Wild West" is one of the cries of those who have utter contempt for the 2A. The truth means nothing to them. The singular Hickok vs. Tutt shootout was multiplied to equal total anarchy.

Add that to the voice recorder disabling, and he appears to have no respect for the Constitution at all. Typical evil totalitarian.

At the very least, he should never hold a position of power in the U.S. again, if not be bankrupted by civil rights lawsuits, stripped of his birthright citizenship, and imprisoned for the rest of his life in Abu Ghraib.

I have no tolerance for evil.

Dr. Paleo Ph.D. said...


How did you keep from choking him?

Rock on,


elsensei said...

what an idiot. here's a copy of what i just sent him via his "contact me" form on his website:


i heard all about your performance at the open carry event in clairemont the other night. i was out of the country or i would have been one of the presenters. i had high hopes for you as a candidate for sheriff, but now i see that you are yet another anti-freedom, anti-constitution, big-government bigot and there is no way i will support you in your endeavor. try again once you change your politics.

J.R. said...

Now having heard the short recorded segment...

I love that he both tries to use the MS13 100,000 in D.C. alone, 30 million illegals, and all the associated problems as a reason why we shouldn't OC here. Sounds almost like AG Holder wanting to screw the 2A because of Mexico.

If anything, Mexico's invaders should mean those in the border states and major cities elsewhere get issued body armor and MP5s of our own, not forced to be invisibly armed so...
1) it takes critical time to deploy against an attack
2) the bastards go open season because nobody's armed that they know of

Cheryl said...

I am still amazed he had the audacity to sit there and say he didn't care about the law. Hello he REPRESENTS the law or will if he manages to get elected. You know if you really wanted the public to know about that meeting you could always send a copy of the audio to the news.

Joe Ryan said...

Hi. I am Joe Ryan. I ran for congress as an independent (100% pro-2nd amendment candidate) last year and I'm currently facing a year in jail for speaking at a debate (actually 6 months now after I got one count knocked out). I'm charged with violating Penal code section 403, which - in so many words and using a reference to another statute - says it can't be used to arrest persons speaking at debates! No problem, Bonnie Dumanis is the DA. Bonnie Dumanis filed charges against me on January 27th and she has been cheating non-stop ever since. My complete opposition to all things the globalist love including unbridled immigration, gun control, bailouts, and the like means I must be silenced. My trial is set for June 15th. Of course, evidence of my crime has been fabricated and exculpatory tapes (of the event in question) are disappearing like rain evaporating on a hot tin roof. The DA tried to cut and run last week after I cornered her on contempt charges, but I told her and the judge what they might want to do with their offer to have me 'accept' three years probation and 10 days of work detail for daring to speak up against her neo-con and noe-liberal crime associates. I informed them they were going to trial, if they didn't get wise and dismiss the case before then. There only hope is a crooked judge fixing the case. I'm not going to say anything about that possibility in print because I like sleeping at home. If anyone is interested, I'll have all the pleadings on line in pdf (with discovery matter, orders, and my correspondence with the DA's office), and you can judge for yourself whether or not Bonnie Dumanis is corrupt. I'm appearing in Pro-Per and I'm not a crim law expert (yet) but I am out-motioning the DA's office because they employ wholly incompetent attorneys as assistants. They can't even comprehend my simple motions, let alone respond to them intelligently. Anyways, I posted this info here because I wanted freedom lovers about my trial. It is not covered in the press because KUSI and Tribune were involved in instigating my arrest. That's why KUSI is now claiming that, despite their cameraman being present at the debate where I was arrested, no tape of the event exists. Classic. The media gets involved in getting an independent candidate for congress arrested, and then they hide the tape of the event to cover-up their involvement. I was told by a Chamber official that I should leave politics and stay home and take care of my family because "the big boys" were after me. Well, after that warning (and a couple others) and after being put on trial, I've learned my lesson. I've learned it so well that I'll be dropping into the sheriff's race myself. The county supervisors will be appointing a new sheriff at the end of June, and I figured, 'why not me'? The fact that I have a trial set for June 15th shouldn't be a problem. I'll run as Joe The arrestee. Bill Gore (the presumed appointee) was the guy behind the unconstitutional 'shoot to kill anyone carrying a gun' orders issued at Ruby Ridge. He took the fifth when questioned before the Senate. I won't even start on his role as head of the FBI while two of the 911 hijackers received logistical and monetary support from one of his informants (who was said to be a agent for the Saudi government). At June 16th at 2pm the candidates who have applied for sheriff will present their case (to be sheriff) at a public hearing/meeting. If I speak, I guarantee it will be worth the price of admission. Any one of us could become the next Randy Weaver if Bill Gore or Ruff become sheriff. Thanks for the info here on Ruff. I didn't know he was on 'their' side. p.s. Duncan Hunter just sponsored a bill calling for more gun control. The bill is aimed at people smuggling guns into Mexico (ie, innocent gun shop owners and anyone else who buys more than a few guns in one year). The law is aimed at people on this side of the border (since are laws don't apply in Mexico, yet). What do you expect from someone who's Dad pays 20k a year to be a member of the CFR. I'm at if anyone wants to read any case pleadings or find out why I would actually be the best sheriff by far, San Diego ever had, and the perfect sheriff for the times. I won't be appointed, but that's not the point. I have a plan that involves using the sheriff's department as a tool to crush the globalist. I would be interested in attending your meeting if I could. They sound interesting. Now I have to get back to working on a motion to preserve evidence and a federal pleading where I'm going to try and open up a new front against Dumanis, etal. Joe Ryan