Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Incident report from 4-07-09

I just got the incident report from my 4-07-09 Detainment and I must say, I am startled at the brevity of this report. I mean, there isn't even one mention of all the laws that the police officer broke! Shall we list them again?

1) Detaining me for longer than the 12031 check requires, which is about 10 seconds.
2) Detaining me not having committed a crime, e.g. "fishing expedition"
3) Ignoring the fact that I protested his attempts at warrantless searches
4) Seizing my personal property sans a warrant.
5) Seizing my identification sans a warrant.
6) Running the serial number on my weapon sans a warrant.
7) Running my identification sans a warrant or vehicle code violation.
8) Turning off my voice recorder, sans a warrant.

Report is below.


Funny story about me picking up this report... the cop behind the glass knew who I was as I walked through the door. As usual, I was wearing my holster and CGN shirt into the station and as I walked in, a police officer stood up behind the glass, motioned over to me and asked if I was there to pick up my incident report.

This particular officer had seen me before when I came in to file for my incident report while wearing the same outfit so either he recognized my outfit or he recognized me from a photo. either way, he did recognize me in some capacity.

See why I hate giving out my ID?


J.R. said...

Totality of circumstances, you were under arrest and there was nothing they thought they couldn't do.

Dr. Paleo Ph.D. said...

Hey...not right, not right at all! I'd be furious if I were you.

Kick some a** for me buddy.