Monday, April 6, 2009

4th San Diego Open Carry Outing (INVITE ONLY!)

OK guys, here is the deal. There is going to be another San Diego Open Carry Outing sometime in the near future but the only way to get the details on it is to get an invite. In order to get an invite, you have to be an actively posting member of good standing on either or OR personally know either my brother Sam or myself. If you would like to go but are not not currently a member or posting member of either forum nor know my brother or myself, then you can try to tag along with another member that you may know is going.

I apologize for the caution being exercised with this meetup but it is necessary to prevent excessive police interaction and bad press from the likes of KPBS or other hackjob journalists.

There will be other meets in the future that are more public in scope that you may be able to attend, but for the moment this is how we will be operating.

If interested, PM me via or so I can verify user names and posting statuses.

Hope to see you all there!



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