Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Chito's, Orosco Ridge, Trader Joes, Hollywood Video

OK, so I have been slacking a bit so I shall make up for it in a big blog post!

The first part is from Sunday (4/12), the day I went with Macadelic4 and Twitchalot to the range. Since Twitchalot's mom was coming and she doesn't know my neck of the woods very well we decided to rendezvous at Chito's Taco Shop.

Twitch got there a little early so I met him there to have a chat and wait for everyone else. While waiting I talked with and educated a guy waiting for his pizza order to get done about OC, how random shootouts don't occur nor are people such as myself looking for a fight, etc. All in all, an informative event.

Fast forward to today...

Today I went out to rent a movie from Hollywood Video (my brother has been bugging me to see Fearless) but since I was a bit early I decided to walk over to Trader Joe's to pick up some basil. Not wanting to drive, I walked all the way over, bought my basil and walked back. I got one stare from a customer while in line but he didn't say anything. One would think that with the extra large chest I get from wearing my body armor that I would get at least a few stares from the ladies but alas, no such luck!

The final excursion to Hollywood Video was as eventless as it was fruitless.

With that, I went home.

Back to studying!



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