Saturday, April 4, 2009

Shakespeare Pub and Grill

Before I begin another one of my stories, I would like to say WOO HOO for the 100th blog post!

OK, now that that is settled... :)

So I went down to San Diego after picking up my brother OJ at his apartment to attend a Stations of the Cross church service at my old parish near Little Italy with my parents and little sister. Unfortunately, open carry in a church is still kind of taboo for me (it is still more of a protest than anything, so until I can load up or conceal I think it is prudent not to disturb God's house) but afterwards we all went to Shakespeare Pub and Grill (right by El Indio!) for fish and chips. Was in there for approximately an hour with no issue, not even a blink. :)

Well, off to bed. Planting a little more in the garden in the morning and going shooting after that!




J.R. said...

Hope the church provides completely for your armed protection... criminals love to massacre gun-free zones.

TrackerPacker said...

Yeah, you're right. Unfortunately, my church is in a gun-free zone and getting permission to carry there is still sketchy on a few grounds. Gotta look at some of the legal stuff first.