Thursday, December 31, 2009

Open Carry FAQ

So a great many people and I have put together a fairly comprehensive Open Carry FAQ that will hopefully be utilized as a Wiki source for the Calguns Wiki and other such firearms-information services. However, since peer review is the best sort of review, I would really appreciate if some of you took the time to read through this document and make comments on it as you see fit. This will help my collaborators and myself to include more information or refine the information that is being presented.

Link to the Open Carry FAQ

Thanks everyone and have a Happy New Year!



Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Gun buyback

So I went to the latest San Diego "Giftcards for Guns" buyback on Market Street in an attempt to inform people of their gun's value and to prevent these valuable guns from being senselessly melted down into rebar. This event was held by the UAAMAC (acronym represents a name that is way too long) and the SDPD. I have since found out that about 105 guns were submitted for destruction. However, one of them just didn't make it to the rebar factory.

Guess who got the other gun?




Friday, November 27, 2009

Cool letter to the Editor

I just found this on the SD Reader site. There are others but I happen to like this one the best. It saddens me to know that such things are happening in this country, especially in a (more) free state like Pennsylvania.

Land Of The Licensed

First off, let me say congratulations for an excellent article and a superb job by your reporter, Rosa Jurjevics (“They Carry Guns,” Cover Story, July 16).

I grew up in San Diego. My family left in the mid-’80s and moved to Connecticut. To this day I am still a diehard San Diego fan. (Come on, guys…we rocked it in ’98. I want a series comeback in 2012.)

Anyways, I read this article with fascinating interest. You see, I remember going to the mall in the early ’80s. My father open-carried his Ruger Security-Six on his hip. It was a little different than the experience in your article. You see, back then you could open-carry a loaded firearm. How much things have changed.

Americans are losing their rights. And most do not even realize it. It’s not just firearms. In Pennsylvania there is a law that will mandate all contractors to be licensed. Any contractor performing work without a license will result in a felony. Think about it. You just build decks in people’s backyards, and now you’re going to be a felon, potentially losing your right to vote and/or own a firearm? Everything is becoming a felony. Everything requires a license/tax. I just learned that my landlord has to pay $150 for a “renter’s license.”

What has happened to the land of the free? We’re becoming the land of the licensed, controlled, and taxed!

Reading your article brought a mix of feelings from nostalgia (thinking back to my father with his sidearm on his hip) to sadness (how much freedom San Diego has lost), to hope (there are people standing up and fighting for their rights). You might even find this recent post on my blog fascinating: 2009/07/25/25-yrs-ago-at-a-mcdonalds-in-san-diego/.

I just wanted to thank you for such an honest and well-reported article. You see, most of the time the media spouts off terms it knows nothing about. This is why Congresswoman McCarthy thinks a barrel shroud is something you unfold, rather than a protective safety device that covers a barrel in order to reduce the risk of being burned by a hot barrel. Only when it comes to firearms are we so led by fear that we would ban a safety device and call it a feature of an assault weapon.

It was so nice to see a media reporter actually go and find out the facts firsthand — engage gun owners, even fire some handguns and rifles, take her fingers off the keys and actually get them dirty. Your reporter showed a tremendous amount of courage. Open carry is a scary thing, even for gun advocates. Even in many places where it’s legal (i.e., Pennsylvania), it’s often understood that there is a significant risk of being harassed by someone unfamiliar with the law — even law-enforcement officers. Your reporter braved the experience, and the result was a superb firsthand article. Great job!

Jason Epperson
York, Pennsylvania

Thank you, Mr. Epperson, for your kind and informative words.



Thursday, November 19, 2009

Gun handling issues

It has come to my attention through various incidents and anonymous persons that there have been an increase of cops asking OCers to draw and handle their sidearms for the purpose of conducting a self-12031 check.

I would like to take a moment and tell those that have decided to OC in California again that UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHOULD YOU HANDLE YOUR FIREARM IN FRONT OF A POLICE OFFICER, ESPECIALLY FOR A 12031 CHECK! I do not care if they tell you it is "OK," "You'll be fine," or they offer you free ice cream and pony rides, DO NOT DO IT!

Handling your firearm in that manner is a grey legal area and you are under NO OBLIGATION to comply with that order. Aside from the grey legal issues, it is a perfect way for a cop to ventilate you should they think or you are a threat OR, in light of more recent events, desire to turn you into a bloody example. In addition, there is a possibility for brandishing charges. I may be cynical and sadistic but the truth of the matter is that cops are under no obligation to inform you of the law and if you trip up, you can end up on the wrong end of the stick.

What you should do...

1) DON'T SAY ANYTHING! Don't acknowledge their request or their demand. Just let them come over and do their check. It is a voluntary check on their part and a 4A violation for you so helping them out in screwing you over isn't very smart.

2) SHOULD YOU DECIDE TO OPEN YOUR MOUTH, simply say "I do not consent to warrantless searches of my person or my effects but I will not resist if you choose to do so. If you want to check my gun, you can do it yourself, I refuse to handle my weapon."

3) DO NOT LET THEM COERCE YOU INTO TOUCHING YOUR FIREARM! They cannot MAKE you touch your gun. They can beg, plead and yell at you but DO NOT TOUCH YOUR GUN! You TELL THEM to do it themselves or just be silent and they will figure it out.

Bottom line: DO NOT help cops screw you over and DO NOT give cops a chance to kill you. All the evidence in the world won't help you once you are dead and, short of massive hemorrhaging, subsequent court cases for brandishing and the like are crappy as well.

That is all that I have.



Edited on 3/26/2010 to include references to recent events, e.g. Rob Tuason's death threats.

So you can call me...

So I have been feeling a bit frisky with the new Google Voice service and I decided to add a phone number to my repertoire of contact options.


478-CAR-RYON! (478-227-7966)

With this number, you can leave me a voicemail or send me a text message and I can respond to either of them, time willing (the text option is MUCH faster, BTW).

Just spreading the love before I go to bed!



Thursday, October 22, 2009

Sunnyvale PD Memo

OCDO member bad_ace did a Public Records Act Request (PRAR) for documents pertaining to UOC and got Sunnyvale's memo. It is quite a good read and the best memo to come out of this state thus far on UOC. However, there are a few ironies that one can see when you give it a read.

Link to the OCDO thread (and the document itself)



Sunday, September 27, 2009

S&W 686+ as a fashion accessory

My lovely libertarian friend Corey came to town for a few days. She's one of the rare breed of human being these days who still possess imagination. She'd never fired a gun before, and firearms instruction figured prominently on the San Diego Extravaganza To Do list.

I loaded up my new Saiga 5.45x39, my .22 target pistol, my stainless 686 revolver, a stainless 9mm and a scoped remington 582 .22 rifle. I love that rifle especially much. They don't make them any more and with six locking lugs on the bolt, it's a tack driver. That plus ammo for everything and all necessary accoutrement and we were on the road.

We drove out to the desert, had a brief interaction with the border patrol guys at the checkpoint and then hit the sand. She took instruction like a pig takes to garbage. (stole that line from 'dead men don't wear plaid') We covered pistols, revolvers, automatic, semi-automatic, bolt action, calibers, single vs double action, gun safety, stances, aiming, everything. Honestly she was one of the best students I've ever had. It was a pleasure to use the Socratic method with her.

"An assault weapon is..."

"A select-fire rifle with automatic-fire capability."

"And automatic weapons are..."

"Illegal in california."

"So all this talk about 'semi-automatic assault weapons' is"


"Very good. 'fear-mongering bullshit' is also acceptable."

After a few hours of firearms fun, we high-tailed it back home, driving into the sunset at a steady 85. God bless whoever invented the turbocharger. Along the way I reiterated the ins and outs of open carrying. At home we unpacked and got ready to go out for dinner and some socializing.

We in the open carry community have to make a good impression so it's probably a good idea to not be dressed like some doodoohead. (I would have said douchenozzle, but I'm deferring to Corey here.)

We got all dolled up, me in black from head to toe in leather pants, boots and a black lycra shirt, Corey resplendent in dark blue form-fitting jeans, black strappy heels that made her 6 feet tall and a simple white blouse topped with a white scarf. We drove down into Pacific Beach and even though it was a Saturday night, we were lucky enough to score a parking spot on Mission Boulevard just a couple blocks away from all the action.

Corey was already wearing a black nylon ammo belt with 20 rounds of .357 magnum arrayed at a moderate diagonal from hip to hip, so all we needed to complete her eveningwear was to drop a stainless S&W 686+ into the holster and snap the retaining strap closed.

Everyone in the gun culture has their opinions about carry weapons, reliability, accuracy, and so forth. However, speaking purely from a standpoint of aesthetics, a stainless revolver with black rubber grips complimented Corey's ensemble well and I think ought to be on the short list of appropriate evening accessories for most style conscious women. God bless the fine people at Smith & Wesson.

I, as usual, carried my Glock and a couple full magazines in my paddle holsters.

Primary and secondary voice recorders on, we strolled arm in arm down Mission Boulevard and made our way to JRDN which is a really cool modernist loungey-type restaurant and bar in Tower 23, a hotel right on the beach. My roommate Alison was already there holding a table for us on the patio. She was going to hang with us for a while then go salsa dancing at the Marriot and she looked fabulous, wearing a slinky body-hugging dress and heels.

Since they were just about to cut off orders from diners, (it was almost 10 pm) we ordered an arugula salad, prawns, roasted quail and grilled swordfish. JRDN has changed their menu periodically, not always for the better. They used to have terrific sushi but we discovered that they had eliminated that in favor of a raw bar. I'm happy to report that their current menu is terrific. Everything was delicious and the presentation was impeccable. The shrimp were especially impressive. I don't know where they found those monsters, but there is something unusual about shrimp that are so large you have to tackle them with a knife and fork. They were served on a bed of crushed ice with lemon wedges and cocktail sauce and could have made a meal for one person all on their own.

The arugula salad, prepared with strawberries and roasted nuts, was delicious and I highly recommend the quail as well. We shared everything around the table.

Dinner took maybe 90 minutes and we finished up with coffee and espresso. We had one close call where I noticed my Glock starting to stir, as if it was going to load itself and go on a rampage without my consent. I gave it a withering stare and it settled back down in the holster. Disaster averted.

The restaurant portion of the establishment was starting to thin out just as the bar was getting going. I paid the bill and we decided to make it an early evening by getting some ice cream and going home to watch The Matrix. Corey had never seen it. How is that possible?

As we strolled out, the look on the face of the doorman/bouncer was priceless but he wished us goodnight and we thanked him.

There was a 7-11 a few blocks further south. Arm in arm again we made our way down the sometimes-crowded sidewalk. A few people noticed we were carrying (come on, what guy wouldn't give a beautiful 6-foot-tall woman the once-over) but no one screamed and I doubt a single person passed out from hoplophobia. There were one or two comments though, like, "Hey, those guys are strapped!" from passersby.

A man approaching us and passing on Corey's strong side mumbled something as he went by.

"What did he say?" Corey asked.

"Nice holster, I think."

"Hmm...that could be construed as sexual innuendo, wouldn't you say?"

"Yeah...but can you blame him?"

Of course there were police at the 7-11. There was a police SUV parked alongside the building and as we walked in we noticed a cop at the counter paying for his purchase. He definitely noticed us (again, that beautiful woman thing) and could not have missed our sidearms but amazingly, said nothing. Acting as if we didn't have a care in the world (because frankly, we didn't) we paused in front of the freezer and debated Chunky Monkey vs. Chubby Hubby. It was Corey's vacation so I deferred to her. Chubby Hubby won out. The clerk was a bit wide-eyed (he appeared to be F.O.B. and may not have been used to seeing citizens exercising politically incorrect rights) but he smiled as we paid and then we left.

The walk back to the truck was uneventful and I took the opportunity to shoot some video of Corey in her ensemble. Hooray iPhone 3Gs!

On the drive home, Corey called the non emergency police number and spoke to the dispatcher.

Corey: (Aghast) Hi, I was just down in Pacific Beach and there was a couple walking around with guns on their hips!

Dispatch: Yeah, it's actually legal.

C: (Appalled) What do you mean it's legal?

D: Well, there has actually been a lot of them lately. A lot of groups gather and they wear their guns out in the open.

C: How is that possible?

D: They're actually exercising their right to bear arms. They've even been on the news.

C: I've never heard of such a thing.

D: Well, were they doing anything? Were they pointing their guns at each other or making a disturbance?

C: No, they were just strolling along, southbound on Mission Boulevard. They were actually nicely dressed and everything.

D: Yes, well there is nothing illegal about that. We're seeing more and more of that. It's their right to keep and bear arms.

C: It IS? Oh yeah, the second amendment, right?

D: Right. I will let the officers in the area know just so they're aware but again, it's not illegal.

C: OK thank you for the information and thank you for your time. I guess it's pretty cool if you ask me. Have a good night.

D: Thank you for calling SDPD. Good night.

FREAKING FINALLY! I've said time and again that on these Man With Gun calls they ought to ask WHAT the subject is doing before automatically freaking out.

"Uhhh, it looks like he's eating sushi."

Yeah, that's legal. If he starts acting belligerent, call us back.

"He appears to be shopping for tennis shoes."

Uh-huh. Nothing illegal about that. Call us when you witness a real crime.

"He's washing his car."

Hopefully he's wearing a stainless steel piece, but nothing illegal about that. Call us back if you witness a crime.

"She's sitting in a bar, drinking a beer with a couple other women. It looks like Coors Light."

Ah, the poor thing probably doesn't know that "the silver bullet" supports gun control. You may want to let her know, otherwise leave her alone. Openly carrying a gun is legal in this state.

The other significant thing is that apparently we were the first people to make the call. And we were in a crowded restaurant for almost 2 hours plus another 30 minutes of walking around. More evidence that most people just don't care.


(Added for those that think this was Nathan's story)

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Documentation from my latest detainment

Well, this happened back in June. I am working on getting some closure on it from SDPD but they are currently saying that Officer Dobbs didn't violate department policy, which clearly violates Federal and State laws. In addition, I can't verify what these policies are so how am I to know who is telling the truth?

I should be getting a call back from a Lieutenant in Internal Affairs here pretty soon. It is almost as if they are begging for a lawsuit.

Police report pages


Radio transcript (I tried to get the audio, though that battle may not be over just yet)


Other documentation.

This is the "very specific form" that I had to fill out to get the radio transcript...


When I had sent this one in originally...


Can't get any more clear than that, right?

Here is what they sent me originally with just the police report.


Well, that is about it. I will let everyone know how this all goes.



Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Clarification on carry groups.

For those that have emailed and asked about the recent Escondido Open Carry group, I would like to state that I am not affiliated with this particular group of individuals. I have given some non-legal yet common sense advice and counsel to their group on some procedures but I am not a member nor a participant in their outings.

Hope this clarifies a few of your questions.



Saturday, August 29, 2009

Update and revision

As of late, there has been a surge of interest in gun rights, partcularly the OC movement, whether in the unadulterated loaded form or the bastardized unloaded form. I find this enthusiasm to warm even the subcockles of my heart and, at times, brings me to tears of happiness.

In spite of all that, I feel that it is necessary to direct this abundant energy into a more concerted effort and that is why I have, ironically, decided to stand down on open carry for now.

Without going into too much detail, there are a lot of little things going on in the background in the legal sphere that will enable us Californians to gain a foothold and fight back for our rights. The current thought on this issue is that if anything adverse or politically backwards occurs in the fight for the Second Amendment here in California, things can go sour. Recent history has shown that any laws passed, whether Constitutional or not, have the unfortunate side effect of withstanding the test of time and providing a near insurmountable obstacle to our goals. As it stands right now, there are several laws that are poised to be voted upon that could potentially set us back in time, money, blood and tears if the Legislature should be scared even an iota in the wrong direction.

This all sounds ironic and maybe even hypocritical, considering how vocal and visible I have been as of late for exercising what rights we can behind the oppressive contstaints of what I like to call California's "Iron Curtain." However, my efforts are at least guided by the advice of a few men that I know to be of greater mind and knowledge than I and this is the course that both they (my "mentors," if you will) and I have found to be the most prudent and, dare I say it, politically wise.

That said, I kindly request that until further notice (at least until September 11th, preferably a litle longer) that OCers please stand down and wait for the current legislative session to end and for a few important judicial milestones to have been reached.

Until that day, please divert a some of your energy into other useful channels. In a week or two I will try ot post some ideas that I have.



Tuesday, August 11, 2009

SoCalGuns blows

So I went to SoCalGuns on the 1st with lorax3 (Jason) to transfer an OLL and while we were there I decided to OC (generally an OC friendly location.) I was not in there 5 minutes when I was yelled at in a rude manner by either owner or the manager.

-Are you law enforcement?
-Do you have a permit for that thing?
-No permit is required.
-Yes there is, you have to have a permit for a loaded gun
-It's not loaded
-Doesn't matter, you have to take it out of the store now.

Apparently this put the owner/manager in a snit because when Jason and I asked why our receipt for the safety lock for our PPT was invalid we were promptly told to leave the store, thus denying us a PPT.

I tried to resolve the situation without involving the DOJ but since SoCalGun is unwilling to make amends or admit wrongdoing I just went ahead and filed a complaint anyways. Our main issue is that we did not refuse to buy a lock but we were denied a lawful PPT anyways.

SoCalGuns lost my brother as a customer years ago and it looks like they have lost me too, in addition to all the people that I know.

Back to metabolic biochemistry.



Sunday, August 9, 2009

North County Times Writeup

I didn't interview for this article (the author used my blog) and I ended up on the front page.

Region: Police officers eyes opening to 'open carry' discussion discussion



Thursday, August 6, 2009

Apparently the Aussies like me :)

OK, so I just got an email from a reader named Sarah, the owner of Whooga in Australia and she has informed me that the readers of this blog are given 30 bucks off a pair of Ugg boots from her store if you enter in the promo code "CAOPENCARR". No conditions to the discount and Whooga ships to all countries. (The code does work, I checked it out :) )

Website here:

I am trying to figure out if Sarah is a sympathetic England woman or she is an American transplant to England. I find this quite interesting :)

ETA: Sarah is an Aussie. Way cool. :)



Monday, July 27, 2009

Link aggregate post by popular demand

Link to the SD Reader article

They Carry Guns

All the photos in the SD Reader.




ETA: My niece Jillian. I am baby approved!


Links to all the sites that reference this article.
The Firearm Blog
Transsylvania Phoenix
Hell in a Handbasket
NCAA Strategies (They called me Napoleon Dynamite... great ;) )
Pajamas Media (just a link post, no discussion)
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As Maine Goes
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The Spain Forum
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Pennsylvania Firearm Owners Association
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Freetalk BBS
S&W Forum
Freedom and the Constution and Open Carry of a Firearm.
Lewis Rockwell
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Northeast shooters
Huey's Gunsights
Beretta Forum

A mention on

Craig W. spotted this article from San Diego, California: They Carry Guns. I've said it before and I'll say it again: Much like a muscle that atrophies with disuse, any right that goes unexercised for many years devolves into a privilege, and eventually can even be redefined as a crime.




Sunday, July 26, 2009

Due to some issues with potentially harmful legislation, I am standing down on open carry until August 31.

Carry On.


Thursday, July 23, 2009

Escondido Police Department Internal Affairs Letter

The only thing that wasn't mentioned was whether or not these officers were given training on how to not trample the 1A by turning off voice recorders. Officer Martin is very lucky I am even giving him a first chance on this without a civil suit.

Here is the letter.




Tuesday, July 21, 2009

FINALLY! EPD is DONE with my IA investgation!

For those of you that do not know, this letter is in reaction to my 4-7-09 detainment by Escondido Police Department.

Preliminary report:


I just received your complaint back from our police Admin. I am putting an official (form) letter in the mail first thing tomorrow AM. But I wanted to let you know that I found that our officers needed additional training (similar to your El Cajon incident.)

They have received the training and hopefully any further contacts will be shorter and smoother.

My only disclaimer is, all police contacts are unique and fact specific, so there may be additional circumstances that could prolong a detention past the 12031 check.

But if that happens, make sure to let me know and I will look into what happened.


I will post up the letter as soon as I receive it.



Monday, July 20, 2009

AM 600 KOGO Interview tomorrow!

Around 8AM on AM 600 KOGO on JULY 21, 2009!

Phone in number is 800-600-5646 if any of you all want to chime in.



Sunday, July 19, 2009

I have returned and with news

Well, I got back to my house a little while ago after being away for about 4 days and I must say, it is nice to be back in my own room! Unfortunately, I got a little cleaning to do but that isn't so bad.

I worked the Del Mar Gun Show both Saturday and Sunday and I must say that I was pretty stoked at the genuine interest in OC that has arisen due to the SD Reader's article. I had at least 10 people over the two day period actually recognized me and stopped for a chat. Kind of refreshing to see supportive people in person instead of over a computer screen.

The gun show today was particularly fun because a certain favorite, Mollie, came on down for a bit to hang out at our booth. I know that I keep saying that I want to do a Girls and Guns calender but gosh dangit, it has to happen! Mollie and (possibly) her friend Amanda have volunteered to be in it so I am going to scrounge up a few more gun loving hotties for a nice, clean calendar shoot! :)

Here are some photos from the day.

Our booth on day 1


Our booth on day 2


Mollie with microstencil's AR-15


Mollie with my Tracker


Me having fun with a police car.


Also, I scanned in the photos used in the SD Reader. The pages are so wide in the Reader that I could not fit everything on the scanner bed so I just did the cover and the four images on the first page.



Also, there are a fair number of sites that are discussing Rosa's article. Here is a list of all the sites I could find in Google within 5 minutes.

The Firearm Blog
Transsylvania Phoenix
Hell in a Handbasket
NCAA Strategies (They called me Napoleon Dynamite... great ;) )
Pajamas Media (just a link post, no discussion)
Frontier Sixshooter
The Tree of Liberty
Arkansas Carry
Austin Guns and Ammo

As Maine Goes
Ballistic Deanimatio
The Whines of a Crochety Bookman
The Spain Forum
John Jacob H’s RKBA Commentary
Pennsylvania Firearm Owners Association
Bombs Away
Glocktalk (Title: Today I have seen snowflakes in hell)
The Annoyed Army
2A Sisters
Freetalk BBS
S&W Forum
Freedom and the Constution and Open Carry of a Firearm.
A mention on

Craig W. spotted this article from San Diego, California: They Carry Guns. I've said it before and I'll say it again: Much like a muscle that atrophies with disuse, any right that goes unexercised for many years devolves into a privilege, and eventually can even be redefined as a crime.


That about sums it up for today. Time to organize my life a little bit after 4 days of being away.



Saturday, July 18, 2009

Del Mar Gun Show

Just saw the SD reader article in actual print for the first time, I am pretty stoked about it! I also got pointed out by a few more people that recognized me from either the article or my blog. That was pretty cool. :)

As far as the show, the place was packed! Ammo has definitely gone up in price, some at least twice that which I am used to paying. I snatched a few $10 boxes of 9mm so I have something to feed the
Hi Power, including three boxes of Fiocchi!

Gotta get another OC meet going here soon, many people have been asking me about it. Once I get the details on the potential Long Beach gathering then I will post it up!



Wednesday, July 15, 2009




I wondered why 600 KOGO was talking about Open Carry!

Discussion page on!
Discussion page on



On the boardwalk... BOARDWALK!

Well, as some of you may have seen from my Twitter and Tumblr posts (simultaneously conducted with Ping.FM, sweet!), I was at the boardwalk yesterday to kill some time before I had to go over to a friend's house to assess his apparent ammo and gun part stash he is looking to unload (part of it is on right now). Here is how it all went...

On my way down, I stopped by Matt's house to drop off a few items and drop a few funny bombs on him. I then went down to PB to WAMU to cash a check. While there, I experienced no issues.

After cashing my check, I went down into PB and parked in the Vons underground parking to go get some sunscreen. Again, no issues while OCing. I even passed by a security guard!

After going back to my car to change my shirt and drop off one bottle of sunscreen (2-for-1 sales make albinos such as myself very happy!), I proceeded to the boardwalk. On my way there I was Pinging my blog accounts while I (purposely) passed a cop car. I will concede that I cheated a bit by walking weakside to the car but my gun was visible when I walked a little further away. No more cheating from here on out, I will be presenting strongside!

While walking towards Belmont park I met a CCW permit holder who asked me about my gun, what I was doing, etc. Unfortunately my business cards were in the car (OCing dry, forgot to relocate my business cards) but I did have pamphlets. Apparently, he saw me walk by the cop car from Starbucks and thought it was cool that the cops didn't bother with anything. Aside from meeting this man and multiple double takes (so funny to see out of the corner of your eye!), my boardwalk adventure was business as usual.

After my roundtrip loop (Grand Ave to Santa Clara and back) I went back to my parking spot and unholstered my gun. After a bit I drove over to Ramiros taco shop and ordered up a fish burrito and again experienced no issues.

On the way back up to Clairemont, I stopped by WAMU again to cash two checks that I forgot about. No issues.

*Skip a few hours of non-OCing*

After assessing my friend's ammo collection, I got a call from Matt about Walmart's supply of 9mm ammo and thus made a bee-line there. I got to pick up 6 boxes (YES!) and not even the security guard buying some equipment at the counter made no mention of the Tracker.

With that, I left for home.

Another day of proving naysayers wrong, another day of reaching yet another gun owner. A success in anyone's book.

Time for a haircut, I got a wedding to go to in a few days!



Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Testing out ping capabilities

Hey all, I am just testing out my ping.FM posting capabilities. I have included a picture of the newest member to my gun family, my Browning Hi Power. Holster and magazines are on the way as we speak!

In addition, you will notice that I have added Tumblr to my list of contact info on the right hand side. If you don't like twitter, you can follow me on there! I have been trying out a few different things so if you want to drop me a note on what you think is best I would be most appreciative!



ETA: Well, posting pics to my blog kinda sucks so I guess I will stick with Tumblr for that function. For the sake of coolness, I will post the pic of my new Hi Power here for you all to look at.


Monday, July 13, 2009

Story and notices!

Well, I have a few things to impart! Let's get started.

The story du jour happened yesterday when I went sportfishing for a 1/2 day with 6 other guys out of Point Loma for my friend's bachelor party (Thanks CGN for helping me pick a bachelor party idea!) and since I had my fishing permit and my CCW holster, I decided that Mak should go along for the ride. Unfortunately, I am not used to IWB holsters (at least without an undershirt) and the irritation forced me to transfer my pistol to my "possibles bag" after about 30 minutes. The rest of the day, however, my Mak was carried quite comfortably. No sharks were gonna get me that day!

To top off the day, I won the jackpot by catching a Barracuda (GREAT fish tacos!) and nearly everyone in my group got at least one fish. I also schooled the cop in our group on knife laws and he will be owing me a beer at the wedding this Friday (he quoted the old "can only be three inches" rule as being in 12020(a)... ACCESS DENIED!). The rest of the sea bass is sitting in my fridge right now and will be eaten tonight. Next up, spearfishing!

OK, my story (at least the relevant portion, I may discuss the aftermath in person at a later time ;) ) is finito! Now, for future matters!

For all you LA guys out there, it looks like there may be a Long Beach Open Carry Outing coming up in the near future. Please stay tuned here and on as I am helping (at least in a limited capacity) with organizing this meet.

With that, CARRY ON!


Saturday, July 11, 2009

Oil Changing Adventures!

Yet another good OC day in my hometown and *GASP* not a fainted maiden or scared child in sight! Here is how it went down...

After doing my morning errands and some attempts at burying a few more rodents, I headed over to Express Tire to go get an oil change. Within about 3 minutes of getting there the mechanic struck up a conversation with me about my gun and was stoked that I was even able to carry my gun at all. I then met another mechanic there that was just as thoroughly stoked about my gun and related to me his plight concerning hi cap magazines. Not to belabor the story, but suffice it to say that I gave him my patented "Dont Talk to Cops!" lecture.

After some more discussion on legal mattes and rumination over some cool firearms, I went outside to meet with my friend Melissa so I could hang at her place while my car got worked on. In the course of chilling at her place, it was decided that we should get some Mexican food and thus went to Pacific Taco (near Express Tire.) While there, I met some cuties...



After going back to Mel's pad and eating, we went back to Express Tire and picked up my car. This brought forth yet another discussion on guns, this time I was outlining the legalities of the AK-47, transferring a pistol, etc. I recommended the Saiga to the mechanic that asked about the AK-47 (I will have one of those rifles one day :) ) and all of them got business cards :)

After paying, I went over to Vons to pick up some corn tortillas and cilantro for tomorrow's bachelor party (more on that at the very end!) and as usual my experience was blissful. Unfortunately, I came up short on cilantro and thus had to go over to Trader Joe's. I couldn't find any there at first but a very cute cashier helped me get the last box from the sample lady in the back. Yet again, uneventful.

So there you have it, just another day in my life. Got to educate a few people and (sort of) feel like a free man.

Shame on all the naysayers saying I am doing more harm than good!

Oh, before I forget! I am going sport fishing tomorrow for my friend's bachelor party. Being that I will, at that time, be in the legal pursuit of game with a hunting or fishing permit... well, you guys get the picture ;)

I will post pictures of the aftermath!



Thursday, July 9, 2009

2nd Amendment, FTW!

This one is for all the naysayers and undecided Americans out there that are confused about the Constitution.


Courtesy of Simply Rugged



Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Today warmed even the subcockles of my heart :)

Alright, I have had a pretty damn good day! Here is how it went.

At around 10:35 I commandeered my sister's truck to run some errands for the family. I was originally supposed to take my Dad but when he saw my Bag O' Gunz and realized that my errands were not quick ones he backed out, as he had to pick up my sister Anne. Perhaps another time...

First stop was Duncan's Gun Works to get my Browning Hi-Power's magazine disconnect removed (finally!) and while there I noticed that at least two employees were openly carrying! How cool is that!? I like to think that I infected them with the disease :) Things got even better when Hugo knocked out the pin, pulled out the magazine disconnect and reassembled the trigger group on my BHP and DIDN'T CHARGE ME FOR IT! I told that guy that I am buying him lunch sometime, he has seriously saved my keister a few times. Thanks Hugo!

After that, I went over to Walmart to check on the 9mm ammo supply. As luck would have it, 9mm was in stock! It was like Christmas! I ended up picking my max store load of 3 boxes and jetting out of there. While there I had no issues, though I am kind of looking forward to the day I get to converse with one of the security guards.. oh yeah!

After that I went over to Dizieline Lumber to pick up some split rail fencing and again, NO PROBLEMS! I even walked in front of an armored car and helped the guys on the back load up the lumber and I saw no agitation in either situation.

After that, it was Lowes again. As usual I had no issues but I ended up not getting anything since I forgot my $10 off coupon :( However, I did ball park the cost of the fencing that I will need to prevent the rabbits from ravaging my garden with reckless abandon. THe fence combined with the blind fury of my Bear Instinct should eliminate a lot of the threat to my garden's productivity!

On my way out from Lowe's, however, was the real treat of the day. As I put my gun away and was about to drive off, a woman that I passed by earlier came over and asked me who I worked for. I told her that I was a citizen and that it is legal to carry a firearm. I explained to her the rules and she gave a good eye roll to it (HAHA!) I handed her two of my business cards and she explained that her coworker said to not approach me because I "might end up shooting someone" but she knew that criminals dont OC! (Shocking, right? Someone who actually thinks!)

As it turns out, she was at one point in time a Sergeant in the military and was interested in carrying her handgun legally on her travels. I told her that that OC was completely legal in Arizona and that the Utah N0n-Resident CCW permit gave 27-28 state CCW privileges for extra hassle free fun. Needless to say, she was totally stoked.

Its the little things like talking with normal down-to-earth people that give me my OC inspirations.

With that, gotta dig a few fence holes. *Insert bplvr's cosmetologist joke here* ;)


Hey all, I have a twitter account that I am trying out so if you guys want to check it out go to

Monday, July 6, 2009

Getting the Lowe-down

While out on my daily errands I stopped by Lowes to pick up some garbage bags and price out some split rail fencing. While there I spoke with about three store reps and not one asked me about my Tracker.

This is my second (third?) time being in this particular Lowes. Very cool :)

Time to plan out a varmint fence. Gotta keep the little buggers off my plants while I surgically execute them with my bow!



Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy 4th!

Happy 4th, fellow Patriots! It is very good to see that our nation has persevered yet another year. Stay vigilant and perhaps it will last longer!

I have quite a few open carry stories to impart. Here is how it all went down...

July 3: I met up with Lorax3 down in Clairemont to go transfer my new Stag AR-15 lower at Gussler's. I used Lorax3's Iphone to check for schools and carried once the coast was clear. Walking up to the garage I saw that our good friend Mike (bplvr!) was there! It was like a CGN reunion! HAHA! Mike got out his usual crack about me harboring/storing two cosmetologists in my closet to a couple that I had never met before (total joke, read here) and multiple laughs were had. What made the whole trip even better is that Enthusiast called Gussler while I was there! So rad!

After transferring my lower, Lorax3 and I debated about hitting up Costco. Since we were not 100% committed about the school zone issues there, we decided to skip OCing there and instead go back to Clairemont to have Mexican food. We eventualy selected Cotijas and had no problems while I was carrying.

July 4: I didn't get to carry to the fireworks due to 626.9 issues preventing handgun carry and an illegal municipal ordinance preventing rifle carry in Escondido but I did get to carry to Ralph's later on that night in La Jolla with Macadelic4 and as usual, the experience was blissful. I was in the store for about 30 minutes and the only person that asked anything about it was a young guy that asked what kind of gun it was.

Now, if only a cute girl will come up and ask about that sort of thing...

July 5th: I spent the night at Macadelic4's and I woke up at 10AM. Since it is Sunday and I go to mass on Sundays I headed out to go to church but I lost my way to my original church and I ended up going to St. Catherine Laboure in Clairemont. I carried to mass and contrary to popular belief, no one fainted or had a heart attack! In fact, not one person asked me a thing about it! I was there for at least 1.5 hours (I waited after mass to talk with the Father Eckert, freaking coolest priest in the area!) and it was the best mass I have ever been to. Father Eckert recited this really cool poem...

I Am America

I was born on July 4, 1776. The Declaration of Independence is my birth certificate. I am the United States of America! The bloodlines of the world run in my veins because I offered freedom to the oppressed. I am millions of living souls and the ghost of millions who have lived and died for me.

A million and more of my countrymen have died for freedom and I am their monument. My ancestors left their blood on the green at Lexington and the snow at Valley Forge, on the walls of Fort Argonne Forest, on the beaches of Salerno and Normandy and the sands of Okinawa, on the bare, bleak hills called Pork Chop and Old Baldy and Heartbreak Ridge.

I am Nathan Hale and Paul Revere. I stood at Lexington and fired the shot heard ‘round the world. I am Washington, Jefferson, and Patrick Henry. I am John Paul Jones, the Green Mountain Boys, and Davy Crockett. I am Lee and Grant and Lincoln.

I am the Brooklyn Bridge, the wheat fields of Kansas, and the granite hills of Vermont. I am the coal fields of the Virginias and Pennsylvania. I am the fertile fields of the West, the Golden Gate Bridge, and the Grand Canyon. I am Independence Hall, the Monitor, and the Merrimac.

I am big. I sprawl from the Atlantic to the Pacific, three million square miles throbbing with industry and farming. I am more than 5,000,000 farms; I am forest and field, mountain and desert. I am quiet villages and busy cities that never sleep.

You can look at me and see Ben Franklin walking down the streets of Philadelphia with his loaf of bread under his arm. You can see Betsy Ross with her needle. You can see the lights of Christmas and hear the strains of “Auld Lang Syne” as the calendar turns.

I am Babe Ruth and the World Series. I am the laughter of a small boy as he watches a circus clown’s antics. I am the light of triumph in the eyes of a six-year-old boy as he reads aloud for the first time. I am 175,000 schools and colleges and 275,000 churches where people worship God as they think best. I am a ballot dropped in a box, the roar of a crowd in a stadium, and the voice of a choir in a cathedral.

I am an editorial in a newspaper and a letter to a congressman. I am Eli Whitney and Stephen Foster. I am Tom Edison and Albert Einstein and Billy Graham. I am Horace Greeley, Will Rogers, and the Wright Brothers. I am George Washington Carver, Daniel Webster, and Jonas Salk. I am Longfellow, Harriet Beecher Stowe, Walt Whitman, and Thomas Paine.

Yes, I am the nation and these are the things I am. I was conceived in freedom, and God willing, in freedom will I spend the rest of my days. May I always possess the integrity, the courage, and the strength to keep myself unshackled, to remain a citadel of freedom, and a beacon of hope to the world.

God Bless America!

(This may not seem like a poem, but the way Father recited it, it was much like a poem)

The final hymn was "God Bless America" and it was really, really nice to hear. I haven't shed tears like that since my Grandfather's funeral or my brother's car accident.

With that, I have some work to attend to. Keep the flames alive, fellow patriots!



Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Calling all OCers... PACK AT THE GUN SHOWS!

OK guys, I think that this is the sort of event that we can all get into and all in a safe manner. All you need to do is when you go to a gun show, just bring your gun with you. The catch is that you CANNOT HAVE AMMUNITION FOR YOUR GUN ON YOUR PERSON! This means that if you have a .44mag (like I do) and you buy .44mag/spl for it, YOU CANNOT CARRY THE AMMO WITH YOU! As long as your gun is unloaded and you do not possess the ammo to feed the gun, you are OK.

While there, pass out pamphlets about OC. It is a good way to get converts :)



Some teaser photos

So I thought that since the SD Reader article is taking FOREVER AND A DAY to get published (no offense to the SD Reader folks, I think you guys kick ass!) that I would post a few "teaser" photos. The writeup in relation to these photos is here.

This one is of the Nevada residents that thought the cops were being lame for harassing us. They were totally stoked to hear about Nevada's gun laws and I hope they begin OCing out there! Which reminds me, I should get a hold of those guys...


Sam and I just walking down the boardwalk. Notice how scared everyone is that we might be criminals!

Sam and I chilling out on the boardwalk wall.


I wish that we had gotten a photo with the really cool Arizona residents but alas! Hindsight is 20/20!

That's pretty much it. I think I will start writing out my demand letter for the latest transgressions upon my apparently inviolable rights (the yet-published San Ysidro incident)



Monday, June 29, 2009

4th San Diego Open Carry Outing!

WOW, what an exciting day! This event was truly an amazing experience and I can say without reservation that I am proud to be associated with so many fine California compatriots. The level of commitment that was exercised by all in terms of keeping this event as quiet as possible, organizing into teams, providing leadership and support to everyone, etc. GOOD JOB EVERYONE!

As some may or may not already know, this event was a photo scavenger hunt. For the truly uninitiated, a photo scavenger hunt is where one goes around in a given area and takes photos of various objectives and situations in order to gain points. This whole idea (engineered by Sam with collaboration from a great many people) was put into play in order to get people out in the open and interacting with the locals. Below is a list of scavenger hunt objectives that was used for this meet...

10 points

Your team in a bicycle shop.
Your team in a surf shop.
Your team in a hole-in-the-wall taco shop.
Your team in a grocery store. 10 point bonus if it's in a Whole Foods in front of the deli counter.
Your team in a deli.
Your team in a department store at the cologne/perfume counter.
Your team in front of an adult bookstore ("F Street", etc). 5 point bonus for an employee who poses with at least one team member for the picture, and another 5 points if she's hot. Hotness to be determined by the judges.

15 points
Your team replicating a statue in tandem (a la Ferris Bueller's Day Off in the art gallery).
Your team replicating a scene from a Disney movie (be able to explain it too!)
Your team spelling out the name of a gun company/website (a la YMCA!)
Your team doing the Egyptian dance on some sort of wall, weapons visible (i.e. strong side to the camera)
Your team posing with a dog and dog owner. 10 point bonus if it's an Australian Cattledog.

25 points

Your team in front of a police car.
Your team with a waitress.
Your team with a concierge at a hotel.
Your team with an employee from a sporting goods store. 5 point bonus if you're in front of the gun rack. Another 5 points if the gun rack is largely empty.
Your team with an American flag in the background.
Your team in front of a church. 5 additional points if you get the pastor in the photo.
Your team with a security guard or other rent-a-cop.
Your team with a hostess at a restaurant.
Your team in an elevator.
Your team in front of a fire station. 5 point bonus if the door is open and you can pose OUTSIDE THE STATION in front of the fire engine. 5 point bonus for each authentic firefighter who joins you. Bear in mind, fire stations are CITY BUILDINGS and you cannot enter one armed! We will accept weaponless pictures, but do not recommend it.
Your team in a gun store. 20 point bonus if you include the gun store owner or manager. Employees don't count.
Your team in a Walmart in front of the ammo counter.
Your team in front of a government agency - be sure to stay on the public area and stay off government property! 10 point bonus if it's a Federal office.
Your team next to a vehicle with a pro-gun sticker (military branch logos don't count, NRA logo does. 50 point bonus for a JPFO or GOA sticker. 10 point bonus for a Gadsden flag).
Your team next to a vehicle with an Obama/Biden bumper sticker (feel free to give a good shrug and confused look if you want). 5 extra points for each the following: If it's rusty, a Volvo and/or posed with the owner.
Your team with a Mac user at a coffee shop or comparable establishment.
Your whole team inside of Belmont Park. If you happen to make it that far, feel free to say "HI!" to the Coaster Saloon!
Your whole team in front of or inside of a martial arts studio.

50 points

Your team with a police officer who is either on foot, on horseback, or traveling other than by cruiser or motorcycle.
Your team inside a bar. 10 extra points if you get the bouncer or doorman to join you in the photo.
Your team with a street musician or performer. 20 point bonus for mimes or saxophone players.
Your team with someone from Wisconsin (Must show ID in picture!)
Someone from your team getting a kiss on the cheek from a random woman on the street.
Anyone on your team getting a picture with a barnyard animal.
Your team in front of a "firearms prohibited" sign.
Anyone on your team dancing with a woman in a bar or club. You must be no more than 2' away from the woman. 5 extra points if you can bust out a decent swing dance move!
Your team with a girl in denim shorts (Daisy Dukes are ideal, anything more than half way down from top of leg to top of kneecap is invalid)
Your team at the La Jolla Children's pool, on the beach, with the seals in the background.
Your team next to a vehicle with a Ron Paul sticker on it.
Your whole team in front of a Post Office.
Your whole team with a mailman/woman.

100 points

Your team in a karaoke bar, singing the song of your choice.
Your team, fully clothed, in a swimming pool. You need not wear your guns for this one.
At least 4 people from your team in the back of a police car. If allowed, all of them should wear guns.


Here are some of the operational details of this meet that I can share with you guys:

1) There were groups in Gaslamp, Clairemont Mesa, Clairemont, Mission Valley and La Jolla. Each group had a leader, several carriers and (where applicable) at least one non-carrying observer.

2) There was a minimum group size in order to maintain group security.

3) There was a very good amount of communication and coordination that occurred for this to work.

4) Police were given a 24hr notice of general locations but no specific times.

With that, I would like to impart the happenings of my day.
Initially, Enthusiast and I were in charge of our own respective groups in the La Jolla area but due to a relatively large amount of people backing out and us (the leaders) not being able to maintain the minimum group size requirement, it was decided that we should join forces and make our two fragmented teams into one larger and more resilient team. Our teams were both told to meet at my brother's house and our larger team consisted of Enthusiast, Twitchalot, Twitchalot's friend Brendan my friend Jake, Chaparral Commando (Colin, also a friend of mine), gravedigger, Jeff Schwilk (San Diego Minutemen) and myself. After sorting out some rendezvous issues (Twitch and his friend somehow ended up in PB instead of the original meeting place and we had to wait for them to get to our location) and getting the guns packed up, we piled into two cars and headed to our La Jolla location. Right as we hit La Jolla Shores Blvd, I found out that we forgot gravedigger and that I had his gun (DOH!) so he went with Sam's group instead. Sorry gravedigger, I will make it up to you next time!

Immediately after Enthusiast selected a nice spot to park and we started strapping on our artillery pieces, we had a married couple step out of their house (I had no idea there was a house there, I thought it was a wall of ivy!) and asked us about what we were doing. We handed them a pamphlet and told them about our rights and also had to explain that Colin's kilt was actually not a skirt. After that initial contact with the locals, we proceeded down into Prospect Place.

Walking down to and through the La Jolla area there NO issues whatsoever. We didn't have people freaking out and fainting, no one calling the cops, no one stressed out at our presence whatsoever. It was very pleasant, despite the 90% humidity! The only real issues we experienced were with Victoria's Secret employees not letting us take photos of the perfume counter, as it is apparently against store policy to do so.

Since a picture is worth a 1000 words, I will let the following photos do most of the talking.


Some stories I can relay from other groups.

-The Gaslamp groups had a lot of issues with originally unforseen and hidden school zones and the decision was made by Mulay El Raisuli, Liberty1 and Macadelic4 to join groups and relocate to the Seaport Village area (A wise decision at that). While there, some members of the group approached two Harbor Patrol officers (trainer and trainee) and asked them if they wouldn't mind being in a picture with them (50pts!). The officers were taken off-guard and had no idea about open carry or that we were even in the area (Harbor Patrol and SDPD apparently don't talk to one another) but were nevertheless were very cool about it. The initial 12031 check for this contact was just asking if the gun was unloaded. After discussing some of the laws and dropping off a pamphlet, Mulay's group walked away and located a few more objectives. After about 20 minutes, the two Harbor Patrol officers came over and requested to do a 12031 check. The trainee attemped one on Eatsroks and couldn't figure out how to get the gun out of the holster. She instead just checked the magazine and politely asked if she could trust everyone's word that the guns were unloaded (HA!).

I would also like to point out that the Gaslamp group was full of WIN. Many objectives were attained (multiple times for some of them!) and even the balloon guy got a kick out of the guns. This team also went ahead and nailed the "kiss on the cheek" objective quite a few times and while they did not get multiple point counts for it, we do know that if they ever start a business in Vegas they will be WILDLY successful. (Hint to all the Vegas OC guys!)

-The Clairemont East group was able to get a few good objectives, including the adult book store objective. Some of their photos are relatively PG-13+ and will not be posted on this blog. However, those in the know can acquire them with relative ease...

-The Clairemont Wherever group (lead by Sam) got quite a few good objectives and were by far the most mobile group of all.

After all of the groups were done with their scavenger hunts, everyone fell back to Sam's place for a BBQ. My sister Ashley took care of preparing most of the food and did an excellent job with the Napa Valley burgers (a family favorite!) as well as all the side dishes.

I would like to thank all the people that were involved in making this event work, as it was truly a time-consuming undertaking. Sam and I collaborated along with grammaton76, Lorax3 and Macadelic4 to get the photo objective ideas together in a comprehensive list, send out the necessary documentation and guidelines to all the team members, etc. My sister Ashley was responsible for nearly the entire party prep and cleanup so many thanks to her. I would also like to thank all the group leaders for their diligence in keeping their teams safe with their extensive geographical research and wise leadership decisions. This sort of event could never have happened without the coordinated effort of so many people. I am truly lucky to be associated with such people.

With that, enjoy the photos!

Gaslamp/Seaport Village group.

1) Two cute girls
2) Another cute girl
3) Mulay scoring a kiss

4) Macadelic4 scoring a kiss
5) Egyptian dance
6) Street performer. He made a balloon gun and holster!
7) Harbor Patrol trying to do a 12031 check
8) Everyone inside of a surf shop
9) Another street performer.
10) Another kiss!
11) Private security guard.
12) Barnyard animal (Mule or horse? I think mule!)

13) Total Daisy Duke action in this photo
14) One of the best pics of the meet, with Daisy Duke shorts, a dog and a kiss all in one!
15) That girl's mother!

17) Holy crap! Married men get all the action!

La Jolla group!

1) Post office
2) Church
3) Obama sticker. It actually says "O S***!"


4) Imitating a statue in tandem
5) Re-enacting a Disney scene from The Little Mermaid.
6) Our failed attempt at doing the Egyptian dance. Enthusiast and Twitch decided to do "The Pharaoh"


7) Spelling out "GLOCK"
8) With a hostess. She was born in Georgia and actually likes guns!
9) With a waitress. The whole staff at this restaurant was really cool!


10) With a dog owner. The dogs are in the middle of a tiff in this photo.
11) In an elevator.
12) NRA Decal (it is there, it is just small!)

13) American flag.
14) Seal at the Children's pool.
15) Quiksilver surf shop.

16) We weren't brave enough to ask this girl in Daisy Duke shorts to get a picture so we kind of "rushed" it :)
17) Inside of a taco shop.

Mission Valley group!


1) Costco deli
2) Elevator
3) Obama sticker

4) American flag
5) Taco shop
6) Gadsden flag (team member's truck!)

7) NRA decal. (team member's truck!)

Clairemont Wherever group!

1) With a waitress
2) Obama sticker
3) At a gun store with the manager

4) Big 5 gun rack
5) American flag
6) Deli
7) Walmart ammo counter
8) Dog and dog owner. +10 for finding a Queensland Heeler!

Clairemont East group!


1) Adult store!
2) Street performer
3) Ranch 99

4) Waitress AND Manager
5) Walmart ammo counter
6) This groups first attempt at a deli (Quiznos) :)

7) A deli
8) In a bar
9) This group was hard up for a perfume counter so they tried out the appliance store. I believe we gave them points because Febreeze is used in the dryers :)


9) Random... and yet, so funny.

After Party!


Oh yeah, by the way... Gaslamp/Seaport Village group WON!