Tuesday, August 11, 2009

SoCalGuns blows

So I went to SoCalGuns on the 1st with lorax3 (Jason) to transfer an OLL and while we were there I decided to OC (generally an OC friendly location.) I was not in there 5 minutes when I was yelled at in a rude manner by either owner or the manager.

-Are you law enforcement?
-Do you have a permit for that thing?
-No permit is required.
-Yes there is, you have to have a permit for a loaded gun
-It's not loaded
-Doesn't matter, you have to take it out of the store now.

Apparently this put the owner/manager in a snit because when Jason and I asked why our receipt for the safety lock for our PPT was invalid we were promptly told to leave the store, thus denying us a PPT.

I tried to resolve the situation without involving the DOJ but since SoCalGun is unwilling to make amends or admit wrongdoing I just went ahead and filed a complaint anyways. Our main issue is that we did not refuse to buy a lock but we were denied a lawful PPT anyways.

SoCalGuns lost my brother as a customer years ago and it looks like they have lost me too, in addition to all the people that I know.

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elsensei said...

Ah yes...9 years ago they refused to transfer in a desert eagle that I found online for 700 bucks, but they'd knock their own price down from 1200 to 1000...and this was just days after I'd spent $5000 cash, full-boat retail for my dream firearm with all the extras. So I was not unknown to the people running the place. Idiots. Oh well it's their business to run as they want, even to run into the ground. I wonder how much I've spent in nine years on firearms, accessories and ammo? None of it has been at socalguns but big5 across the street get splenty of business from me.

J.R. said...

Suffering from the "we're centrally located, so we think we can treat customers like shit" syndrome? Plenty of good businesses and garage FFLs to choose from.

Berto said...

So much for standing down until Aug 31?
Or did that get resolved

TrackerPacker said...

Gun shops are (supposed to be) friendly territory with no disputes so I feel it is OK to OC in a gun shop, despite my moratoriun on it.

All other places are pretty much off limits.

Dave said...

So a private business told you to leave as you were OCing and they did not agree, so they must blow.

Isn't it their right to do so? Just as it's your right to OC when not on someone else's private property? Good call sir, I noticed you weren't open carrying at Gall's the other week, maybe all of the guys carrying -loaded- in there scared you?

TrackerPacker said...

A private business that deals in guns should not be alienating customers and trying to enforce laws that do not exist. They should be supportive of the 2nd Amendment RIGHT, not the PRIVILEGE that so many seem to associate with.

They asked me to leave because they did not want to do my PPT because my friend and I asked about the validity of a receipt for a lock. That is illegal because we were in full compliance of the law. If you read this story in its entirety you would comprehend that.

I gave them every opportunity to correct their rudeness, to educate them and even to make my ILLEGALLY rejected PPT alright again and I was given the cold shoulder at every turn.

Gall's does not allow anyone except LEO to carry (apparently) and I was rudely confronted for even bringing an unloaded and cased gun in to try out this one holster. I can't complain about them too much since they are a) closing and b) practically giving away everything. Thus, I don't care too much. I am still a little offended that people cannot ask me questions in a civil manner but I can deal with that.

Greg Ryman said...

Dave, you'd be hard pressed to claim you were afraid because a legal customer brought in an item that you sell in a non-threatening manner.

That's like pulling into the car dealer and them telling you to leave because you put gasoline in your tank.

Anyway, the DOJ says firearms dealers must do PPT's, and if they fail to do so, such as this business has, they can be reported.