Sunday, May 31, 2009

Chili's, Ralphs and CVS Pharmacy

Well, I had to get out of the house for a bit because I had been inside studying carbonyl chemistry and NMR problem solving for quite a while and despite the excitement I feel for organic chemistry (AAGH!), I needed some air. Since I hadn't seen some of my old coworkers in a while I decided to hightail it on down to Chili's 4S Ranch, taking my friend Melissa in tow.

Chili's was eventless and much was discussed with my fellow coworkers. The place wasn't too filled up but I experienced no issues.

Melissa needed to do a little shopping so we went over to Ralphs to check out what was going on over there. We were in the store for about 15 minutes before our maxi-pad jokes were interrupted by a store employee...

-Uuuh, are you a police officer or...?
-Well, you got bullets on one side, do you got a concealed permit?
-Well, is it concealed?
-Do you have a permit to carry it?
-No, I am a citizen.
-Why? This is California.
-I am a citizen, I don't need a permit.
-It doesn't make a difference, we have had people asking about it.
-Oh, thats fine.
-Well, you have bullets on one side and you aren't allowed to carry if you're not a cop.
-Actually, I am allowed. We can argue the point if you want or you can just ask me to take it out and I will comply.
-Do you have a badge?
-No. *Hand him my business card and explained it*
-Carrying a gun in California is not a crime. However, as a store employee you can ask me to leave and I will comply.
-Well, you don't have to leave, just people were concerned.
-Oh, OK.
-Just for this area it isn't a good idea.
-Well, it isn't a good idea to be a victim either.
-Oh, I hear that.

With that, I left the store. On the way out I couldn't help but think about how ignorant and illogical people must be to think I would be causing harm. I can just imagine the concern...

"Uuuh, there is a guy hanging out in the tampon aisle and joking with his friend over the phone about needing Maxipads and he has a gun on his hip. I think that is dangerous!"

We then went over to CVS Pharmacy to see if anything was happening there and it was a blissful experience as usual. We did find, however, that they sell paternity tests in the condom aisle. Pretty fun stuff, haha! :)

Back to chemistry.



Call to arms: Next SD UOC OUTING!

OK, so it has been requested and now it shall be granted. Elsensei and I are organizing this event and it will be happening sometime in June.

In preparation for it, we have to get a few things squared away...

1) You have to be an active member at or OR personally know me or my brother to receive a direct invite to this event.

2) If you have a low post count or are a total newbie and would like to attend, we would love to have you along! To get on the list, you need to have a more active and senior member, in writing, vouch for you. This is to eliminate trolling LEOs, media members, etc.

3) If you have already signed up before for the failed April 19th UOC outing (sorry that didn't happen, but there was some weird crap going on at the time and I did not want to legally endanger my fellow UOCers), it is not necessary to respond, as I already have your contact information. However, if you would like to RSVP anyways then feel free to do so. Its not like emails don't cost $.44 or anything

That's all for now. Keep in mind that this will best the last UOC outing in February by a long shot! (pun intended!)

Email me at to RSVP. Please include your OCDO/CGN handle so that I may verify you!



Friday, May 29, 2009

Good Ralphs Experience

So I went over to Ralphs after school to pick up some meat on sale for dinner. I was inside of the store for a good 15 minutes or so and most of the time was spent trying to get a hold of my friend's room mate to see if he wanted dinner and my parents to see if the pork spare ribs were a good price. Multiple people walked by and went about their business and I had no issues.

After selecting a nice pair of bottom round steaks (which inevitably made a really good salad!) I went over to the 15 or less checkout and waited my turn. Once it got to my turn, the cashier noticed that I was carrying...

-So, you carrying a firearm tonight?
-Yep, I sure am.
-For protection or what?
-Among other things, yes.
-Right on man, that is pretty cool.
-Hehe, glad you think so.
*Business card*
-Carry on! Cool! (my business card says "CARRY ON!" right below my blog title)

After sorting out my change issue (didn't get my $1 back), I left the store.


Time for a shower then bed.



Islands, Sports Authority and Keil's

So I went with brother Sam today to get some sustenance at Islands for lunch and aside from the pretty good chicken burger (whatever it was called) we had nothing exciting happen to us. I sat strong side to the aisle and no one even batted an eye.

Afterwards we went over to Sports Authority to check out what was happening there and still, no issues.

I went to Keil's at around 10:20 or so to get some eggs and evaporated milk (sister made me cookie bars, WOO HOO!) and I had, yet again, no issues. I had two guys look at me fairly intently while I was on the phone with a friend talking about rifles and such and looking a little confused about me having a gun on my hip.

Did I mention I was wearing my patented "Got Liberty?" shirt? I need to pick up more of those shirts, they are just the best!

Well, off to bed.



Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My 4-23-09 Detainment

The following report is an exact copy of what was submitted to the El Cajon Police Department a few weeks ago. I have since learned that my complaint has moved to Internal Affairs and, being a bit frisky, I have decided to publish it now.

Click here



ETA: I just noticed how several lines in my IA submission are missing case law references... CRAP! If you read the letters posted on my 4-7-09 Detainment story you can fill in the blanks (I am going to Tred Barta this one...)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Walmart and Costco

So the adventures of my day took me into Poway and, as usual... well, you know... :)

After filling up my car I went over to Walmart to do a quick ammo check for .223 (for a friend) and to verify that the price of the Federal 550 pack isn't 30/box like it is in Missouri (it is 13.48... beat you, Eugene!). No problems entering or exiting, nor weird glances.

I then stopped by Costco in Carmel Mountain to pick up a rotisserie chicken. As usual, I had no problems and I did the best I could to make sure the employees had a clear visual too... no dice. Love it!

Gotta finish typing up my super lame film paper and plot a way to kill the farking gopher eating my tomato plants.



Sunday, May 24, 2009

Happy shooting pics!

I went shooting yesterday at Orosco Ridge with a few friends and newbie shooters and yes, I open carried there and back.

Here are some pics from our day.

1) Anthony (newbie) and Enthusiast, prepping the table.
2) Victor
3) Ryan (newbie) with his family hand-me-down Remington 550-1 (great gun)

1) Macadelic4
2) Anthony shooting my 10/22
3) Shooting range. First target is 60yds, 2nd target is 70yds and the green propane tank is at 80yds.


Me shooting Enthusiast's Saiga. I love this gun!

Shooting trip went really well. I got to sight in my new 10/22 front post and I was just nailing everything in sight with regularity. My Puma 92 got out a bit and only got smoother with each reload, it was a very nice treat. Hitting 80yd targets with 240gr semi-wadcutters was a breeze, even in fairly rapid succession.

Well, off to a friend's party for a bit then to write this damned film class paper.

Until next time...



Saturday, May 23, 2009

Terminator Salvation

My friend Lisa is only slightly less-nerdy than I am, and we're both big fans of the Terminator series. Which is to say, the first one was great and the second one even better, while the third one totally sucked. We had high hopes for the fourth installment of the series, "Terminator Salvation."

She came by my house on Thursday afternoon and hung out while I welded some of the aluminum railings I'm installing on the staircase in my house. She looked up movie times while I forgot not once, but twice, to ground the pipe I was welding. I had the pipe clamped in my bench vise with rubber pads installed, to keep from marring the aluminum. The ground clamp for my TIG machine was on the welding table as usual, and when I hit the pedal the 200 amps I wasn't feeding into the insulated pipe decided instead to shoot out my left arm.

Believe me, I yelped. Then I managed to do it a second time on a different weld. It was pretty funny actually.

All day yesterday I had a tic in my left shoulder. I wonder if it had anything to do with the shock I gave myself.

Following those shenanigans, I took a quick shower to wash the metal smell off me and put a fresh battery in my digital recorder, stuffed some tri-folds in my back pocket, slipped the Glock and mags into place and we hit the street.

It's just over a mile and a half down a pretty heavily traveled thoroughfare to the local theatre complex. We decided to walk it as it was a beautiful day. Usually the police have a speed trap set up on that road, often enough that I've considered picketing with one friend and two signs, one ahead of their position reading "SLOW DOWN SPEED TRAP AHEAD" and another after their position reading "DID WE SAVE YOUR ASS-HOW ABOUT A DONATION?"

I don't know about you but if I were exceeding some arbitrarily imposed "limit" and someone warned me off about it, I'd throw them twenty bucks in a heartbeat. Can you imagine if you organized the homeless? Those guys already do pretty well panhandling (for the bleeding hearts out there, uncommon sense says they wouldn't do it if they weren't getting paid) but think about how well they'd do if they provided an actual service. Two guys, two signs and a tip jar and identify all the usual hideouts the cops use. And ironically, they'd actually be getting people to slow down- something the police have been unable to accomplish. Not that I'm surprised...the state makes soooo much money off victimless traffic "crimes" that there is no way they truly want people to drive slower.

My buddy Dennis called me from traffic court on Wednesday, and said that he had added up the fines during the proceedings from one courtroom during the afternoon session. The haul? $40,000.00. Yep, forty thousand dollars.

How embarrassing.

But I digress. There were no police fleecing the people that day, nor were they protecting or serving. So we walked, with my cattle dog, all the way there. We didn't shoot anyone and no one suffered a coronary.

When we arrived at our destination we had just ten minutes before the movies started so we beat feet to the nearby Vons because I had been craving ice cream for a week. It was late afternoon and the place was hoppin'. Ben and Jerry's was 2 for 7 bucks so we grabbed a Chunky Monkey and a Cherry Garcia. A few little kids oohed and ahhhed over my dog Sioux, (and I can't blame them, she is the smartest, prettiest cattledog ever) and all the soccer moms smiled at us, as did the people in the checkout line, the checker and the store management. No one screamed and no one was shot. A little old lady, had to be 80 years old, eyed my gun and I could just tell she was considering wrestling me to the floor and stealing it from me, then using it to go on a shooting spree, rob the store and fly to Belize. I caught her eye and gave her a wink and she thought better of it. Maybe she'll finish out her days free from the guilt of crime. We can only pray for her, poor dear.

Then it was out the door and to the theatre where we bought tickets at the inside counter and took a moment to give some guy on someone else's cell phone directions to the theatre. Those crazy gun-lovers are not only tall and handsome, but helpful too. Dammit! What a public relations nightmare.

Two hours later we walked back to my house in the fading light. I felt like a sow because I ate a pint-and-a half of our 2 pints of B&J. I guess Lisa can't throw back ice cream like she can shots. My friend lit out for home and that was that.

The movie? It sucked. It's not even a rental. Don't waste your money or your life.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Southern California Gun

Went to Southern California Gun this morning to pick up a brick of .22 ammunition for my shooting trip tomorrow morning. Everyone seemed pretty nonchalant about it and didn't ask any questions. Lucky for me, they had .22 in stock so I left a happy customer.



Tuesday, May 19, 2009

More Boring Stuff

Over the last few days I carried in Union Bank, Target, Home Depot, and two or three other places I can't remember. There were of course no issues in any of these places. People just don't care. So far in my whole open carry career, the only out of control reactionary folks I've come across happened to be cops. Just sayin'.

I took yet another lovely blonde thing to the range a couple days ago. Teaching someone how to shoot is a terrific date, second only to flying a hull while catamaran sailing. She seemed to be immune to the standard "gunsrbad" brainwashing and took well to instruction. I've noticed that most women perform well their first time out. I guess it's because they lack the "macho" gene or something.

A funny thing happened though: While cleaning my Glock afterwards, I noticed that it was sprouting what appeared to be the start of legs. It was what I've always feared would happen.

Straight away I clipped off the new appendages and applied a red-hot soldering iron tip to cauterize the resulting wounds. The gun screamed and jerked about, but I had it locked securely in my vise and it couldn't escape the searing heat.

Hopefully the legs won't grow back. All I need is my gun spouting legs and a finger and running amok, pulling it's own trigger. I would hate like hell to have to admit that Sarah Brady and the rest of the hoplophobes were actually correct, so I'll keep a close eye on my piece

In other news, I'm thinking about doing an Open Carry 30-Day Challenge, and carry every day for 30 days straight anywhere where I am not prohibited...and that includes carrying while driving if I'm not gonna be within 1000 feet of a K-12 school. Sounds like a good time, huh?


Oh, the places I go (pt.2)

OK, this is a continuation of the post below (Oh, the places I go!) and I must say that I believe I have set my own personal record as to the most places OC'd in one day (NINE!). Here is how it played out...

I had to go to school on my day off to take an IIPP class for my new campus job and afterwards went over to Matt's pad to prep for the upcoming shoot on Saturday (preparation involved stripping my car of all weapons, going onto campus and jacking a wooden pallet... dumpster diving rules!)

After disassembling said pallet into planks and removing all the nails, it was decided that yet another trip to Yogurt World would be in order (I am freaking addicted to that stuff!). While we were there we had no issues.

Being in need of ammunition for our shooting trip and knowing that SoCalGuns was closed, we went over to Big 5 and were quickly disappointed at the lack of .22LR. But, I did get to see the Mossberg 464, which is Mossberg's entry into the levergun market as a replacement for the venerable Winchester 94. Fairly slick gun, though lacking some of that cowboy appeal. Again, no issues.

We then went over to Walmart to scrounge for some ammo but were (not surprisingly) met with disappointment. Everyone went about their lives without excessive alarm or nailbiting.

With our nitroglycerin hopes dashed, we headed over to REI to check out some of their stuff and spent about 20 minutes browsing and joking and whatnot. Pretty much every employee saw my gun and did not vocalize any concerns.

So there you have it, NINE places in ONE day. Freaking sweet.

Time for bed :)



Oh, the places I go!

Well, just got back from another OC adventure and here is how it went...

I went to Duncan's this morning to sell a Walther PPK/S to a fellow CGN member, microstencil. Transaction went smoothly and many jokes were imparted about the wonderful intent of government agents and agencies in keeping Californians "safe." One customer thought I worked there because I had my gun on me so I gave him a business card and a quick rundown of the laws. Overall, he seemed pretty stoked about it.

After that I went over to WAMU (or Chase, whichever it is) to cash a check. No issues, no alarms.

Seeing my car running on fumes, I went over to the am/pm on Nordahl to fill up. No issues, no freaking out, just bliss.

Since am/pm is in close proximity to Turner's Outdoorsman, I headed over there to check and see if they had any 9mm ammo but as usual were out. The gun rack was totally bare as well, with less than 10 handguns and probably 40 long guns (mostly SxS or O/U shotguns), as people have pretty much sucked up the bolt, semi and leverguns as of late (apparently, they are settling for anything in lieu of good semi long guns)

After a good laugh followed by a quick depression, I went over to Wal-Mart to see if they had any .22LR or 9mm. Yet again, I was disappointed but I experienced no problems. With that, I left for home.

Yet again, another eventless day. I really think that people have it all wrong about public perception of guns here in California.

Until next time...



Cotijas and Yogurt World

So I went with my friends Matt and Victor last night to get some food as I hadn't eaten since the night before (studying takes that out of you) and since Mexican food is my food of choice for a studying reward we all went over to Cotijas on Garnet Ave (one of my favorites for those in the know ;) ). Of course, I packed the Tracker and as usual, I had an eventless time, despite the fact that the area was CRAWLING with police officers (though not too many people were there.)

Still feeling a bit hungry and calorically decadent, we all went over to Yogurt World (never been there, it is actually pretty good) and still, no issues. There were about 15 college students inside that didn't bat and an eye (or, if they did, I wouldn't know because they were speaking some Asian dialect, haha!).

Funny story... after our OC escapades we all went over to Matt's house, where our talk of which guns are the best for what eventually lead to a levergun loading contest with snap caps. At first it was me loading my levergun against Matt loading his .22 magazine but after I won that it became a contest on who could load my levergun the fastest. At the moment, I can load five .44mag snap caps in as low as 5.43 seconds and Matt is hot on my heels at 5.44 seconds. After his finger heals up (we were going at this for at least 1/2 an hour) we are going to compete against eachother again! Some people drink, some people go to clubs... we practice loading guns :).

With that, I am going to clean up my room (PSLQT... Post-Study Living Quarter Trauma) and go have some more OC adventures!



Friday, May 15, 2009

Regents Pizza

So I open carried last night to Regent's Pizza with my friends Matt and Victor for about 45 minutes. The place was packed and I had no issues nor cops being called in on me. A few college students took notice but then went back to their routine and on my way out a few small kids got all excited about it but that is pretty much it.

Yet another hole in the "mass hysteria" theory.


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Target and Ralphs

PHEW! I certainly have gone through a short dry spell with OC here and I am happy to announce that I have broken that spell!

I have been feeling a little busy lately and since OC is sort of one of my outlets I felt that tonight was the night that I had to go at least somewhere to OC. I was originally going to go to Henry's (the pub, not the store) to see some swing dancing and I invited my friend Matt to go but upon his arrival to the homestead we all decided that it might not be a good idea since I am a little sick at the moment

As luck would have it, my sister Abby needed a thumb drive and Matt needed gas so we made plans to go to Target instead. Unfortunately, Matt forgot to bring the Tracker with him (he is borrowing it for a bit) so he was not able to open carry with me, as I strapped on (GASP! A NEW GUN!) my brother's Glock 17C.

The Target trip was, as usual, eventless.

Feeling frisky still, we both walked over to Ralphs to check out the meat section for some deals. I picked up a pack of spareribs for later use, paid and left, all without issues.

My story is a little bit abbreviated today but I am a little tired and I have been cranking out alot of these kinds of stories as of late (with all the police violating my rights and all) so yeah... a little brevity was utilized.

Early morning physiology after sleeping, woo hoo!



Wednesday, May 6, 2009

626.9 exemption sought and shot down

Well, I tried getting a 626.9 exemption from three of the schools in my area and I have gotten denial notices from two of them, with San Pasqual High still lagging on their probable denial of my request.

Posted below is an altered copy of the letters (my name and reason stricken for privacy reasons). Apparently, all these schools (both public and private) are in communication with each other and have a mutual understanding of the situation. Also, note the semi-hostile tone in the last paragraph.

I wonder how much Jim Maher had a hand in these schools turning me down...

Sigh... it is a sad day.


Off to pore over some O-Chem.



Great Open Carry Article

Here is an article on open carry for all the naysayers and armchair tacticians, such as Bruce Ruff and all other illogically dissenting parties, that completely contradicts all the baseless opinions of open carry out there... I LOVE IT!

Click here for the Calguns thread.

El Cajon Phone Post

Hey everyone, I am about to go to need right now after a good long day and I thought I would give a synopsis from my cell phone. .

The pre-internal affairs guy that Kylagwolf, The Nomadd and I talked with is pretty cool and seems to get the big picture with all of this open carry stuff. He isn't a tool like the last one and I am glad I was able to get another officer to give an ear to our complaint.

I missed out on a great OC opportunity tonight with the cinco de Mayo stuff going on but alas, the Tracker is in her steel prison... LAME!

Ok, time for bed, seriously.



Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Long time

Wow, it certainly has been quite a spell since I last posted, so I shall give you guys a small update.

I sent off a letter to three K-12 schools in my area for the purpose of requesting a 626.9 exemption for those particular school zones. With those exemptions, I can basically carry my firearm openly in a pretty good swatch of land with relative ease, though more importantly I will be able to carry into my particular church. Don't know if you guys are aware of the news but the incidence of church shootings seems to be on the rise... so yeah, no bueno. We shall see what happens with it.

Also, today is the day I have to drive all the way down to El Cajon to have an Internal Affairs meeting over the yet unpublished (save for OCDO) contact with the El Cajon Police Department on the 23rd of April. I hate having to file these stupid complaints but fudge!

OK, gotta go get my rims checked and then I am off to school to isolate myself for studying purposes. Adios for now.