Friday, May 29, 2009

Islands, Sports Authority and Keil's

So I went with brother Sam today to get some sustenance at Islands for lunch and aside from the pretty good chicken burger (whatever it was called) we had nothing exciting happen to us. I sat strong side to the aisle and no one even batted an eye.

Afterwards we went over to Sports Authority to check out what was happening there and still, no issues.

I went to Keil's at around 10:20 or so to get some eggs and evaporated milk (sister made me cookie bars, WOO HOO!) and I had, yet again, no issues. I had two guys look at me fairly intently while I was on the phone with a friend talking about rifles and such and looking a little confused about me having a gun on my hip.

Did I mention I was wearing my patented "Got Liberty?" shirt? I need to pick up more of those shirts, they are just the best!

Well, off to bed.



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