Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Target and Ralphs

PHEW! I certainly have gone through a short dry spell with OC here and I am happy to announce that I have broken that spell!

I have been feeling a little busy lately and since OC is sort of one of my outlets I felt that tonight was the night that I had to go at least somewhere to OC. I was originally going to go to Henry's (the pub, not the store) to see some swing dancing and I invited my friend Matt to go but upon his arrival to the homestead we all decided that it might not be a good idea since I am a little sick at the moment

As luck would have it, my sister Abby needed a thumb drive and Matt needed gas so we made plans to go to Target instead. Unfortunately, Matt forgot to bring the Tracker with him (he is borrowing it for a bit) so he was not able to open carry with me, as I strapped on (GASP! A NEW GUN!) my brother's Glock 17C.

The Target trip was, as usual, eventless.

Feeling frisky still, we both walked over to Ralphs to check out the meat section for some deals. I picked up a pack of spareribs for later use, paid and left, all without issues.

My story is a little bit abbreviated today but I am a little tired and I have been cranking out alot of these kinds of stories as of late (with all the police violating my rights and all) so yeah... a little brevity was utilized.

Early morning physiology after sleeping, woo hoo!



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