Sunday, May 31, 2009

Chili's, Ralphs and CVS Pharmacy

Well, I had to get out of the house for a bit because I had been inside studying carbonyl chemistry and NMR problem solving for quite a while and despite the excitement I feel for organic chemistry (AAGH!), I needed some air. Since I hadn't seen some of my old coworkers in a while I decided to hightail it on down to Chili's 4S Ranch, taking my friend Melissa in tow.

Chili's was eventless and much was discussed with my fellow coworkers. The place wasn't too filled up but I experienced no issues.

Melissa needed to do a little shopping so we went over to Ralphs to check out what was going on over there. We were in the store for about 15 minutes before our maxi-pad jokes were interrupted by a store employee...

-Uuuh, are you a police officer or...?
-Well, you got bullets on one side, do you got a concealed permit?
-Well, is it concealed?
-Do you have a permit to carry it?
-No, I am a citizen.
-Why? This is California.
-I am a citizen, I don't need a permit.
-It doesn't make a difference, we have had people asking about it.
-Oh, thats fine.
-Well, you have bullets on one side and you aren't allowed to carry if you're not a cop.
-Actually, I am allowed. We can argue the point if you want or you can just ask me to take it out and I will comply.
-Do you have a badge?
-No. *Hand him my business card and explained it*
-Carrying a gun in California is not a crime. However, as a store employee you can ask me to leave and I will comply.
-Well, you don't have to leave, just people were concerned.
-Oh, OK.
-Just for this area it isn't a good idea.
-Well, it isn't a good idea to be a victim either.
-Oh, I hear that.

With that, I left the store. On the way out I couldn't help but think about how ignorant and illogical people must be to think I would be causing harm. I can just imagine the concern...

"Uuuh, there is a guy hanging out in the tampon aisle and joking with his friend over the phone about needing Maxipads and he has a gun on his hip. I think that is dangerous!"

We then went over to CVS Pharmacy to see if anything was happening there and it was a blissful experience as usual. We did find, however, that they sell paternity tests in the condom aisle. Pretty fun stuff, haha! :)

Back to chemistry.




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