Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Long time

Wow, it certainly has been quite a spell since I last posted, so I shall give you guys a small update.

I sent off a letter to three K-12 schools in my area for the purpose of requesting a 626.9 exemption for those particular school zones. With those exemptions, I can basically carry my firearm openly in a pretty good swatch of land with relative ease, though more importantly I will be able to carry into my particular church. Don't know if you guys are aware of the news but the incidence of church shootings seems to be on the rise... so yeah, no bueno. We shall see what happens with it.

Also, today is the day I have to drive all the way down to El Cajon to have an Internal Affairs meeting over the yet unpublished (save for OCDO) contact with the El Cajon Police Department on the 23rd of April. I hate having to file these stupid complaints but fudge!

OK, gotta go get my rims checked and then I am off to school to isolate myself for studying purposes. Adios for now.



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avdrummerboy said...

Church shootings on the rise, uh oh, something needs to be done........... can anyone say CCW reform.