Wednesday, May 6, 2009

626.9 exemption sought and shot down

Well, I tried getting a 626.9 exemption from three of the schools in my area and I have gotten denial notices from two of them, with San Pasqual High still lagging on their probable denial of my request.

Posted below is an altered copy of the letters (my name and reason stricken for privacy reasons). Apparently, all these schools (both public and private) are in communication with each other and have a mutual understanding of the situation. Also, note the semi-hostile tone in the last paragraph.

I wonder how much Jim Maher had a hand in these schools turning me down...

Sigh... it is a sad day.


Off to pore over some O-Chem.




avdrummerboy said...

May I ask why you didn't want to show your reasoning to carry within the school zone?

TrackerPacker said...

Because if I give the reason then it will be easier for people to track me down a little too well. It is nothing illegitimate and the reason should be enough to compel a logical person but then again, we are dealing with the public school system.

avdrummerboy said...

Okay, I get it, if you try exemptions at other places using the same reasoning, they will know who it is, got it. I could probably gander what you said any way, just wondering. And yes, as is well know you have to pander to their emotions, they don't know logic or reason, unfortunately.