Friday, May 22, 2009

Southern California Gun

Went to Southern California Gun this morning to pick up a brick of .22 ammunition for my shooting trip tomorrow morning. Everyone seemed pretty nonchalant about it and didn't ask any questions. Lucky for me, they had .22 in stock so I left a happy customer.




badace said...

Are you saying you UOC'd in a gun store?
I've been told by gun shops around here (bay area) that they'd "draw down" on me if I came in open carrying.

TrackerPacker said...

Dude, I have UOC'd into at least 4.5... Turners San Marcos, Discount Gun Mart, Duncan's, Big 5 (1/2 credit) and SoCalGun and I have only had issues with Discount Gun, but they have since straightened out their staff.

I say start by bringing in an uncased rifle. Then do it with a holstered handgun. Chances are they won't notice until you come up to the counter asking a question. Most gun shops have their counters on the left and I wear my gun on the right side. It's all about chirality...

TrackerPacker said...
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