Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Oh, the places I go (pt.2)

OK, this is a continuation of the post below (Oh, the places I go!) and I must say that I believe I have set my own personal record as to the most places OC'd in one day (NINE!). Here is how it played out...

I had to go to school on my day off to take an IIPP class for my new campus job and afterwards went over to Matt's pad to prep for the upcoming shoot on Saturday (preparation involved stripping my car of all weapons, going onto campus and jacking a wooden pallet... dumpster diving rules!)

After disassembling said pallet into planks and removing all the nails, it was decided that yet another trip to Yogurt World would be in order (I am freaking addicted to that stuff!). While we were there we had no issues.

Being in need of ammunition for our shooting trip and knowing that SoCalGuns was closed, we went over to Big 5 and were quickly disappointed at the lack of .22LR. But, I did get to see the Mossberg 464, which is Mossberg's entry into the levergun market as a replacement for the venerable Winchester 94. Fairly slick gun, though lacking some of that cowboy appeal. Again, no issues.

We then went over to Walmart to scrounge for some ammo but were (not surprisingly) met with disappointment. Everyone went about their lives without excessive alarm or nailbiting.

With our nitroglycerin hopes dashed, we headed over to REI to check out some of their stuff and spent about 20 minutes browsing and joking and whatnot. Pretty much every employee saw my gun and did not vocalize any concerns.

So there you have it, NINE places in ONE day. Freaking sweet.

Time for bed :)



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