Wednesday, May 6, 2009

El Cajon Phone Post

Hey everyone, I am about to go to need right now after a good long day and I thought I would give a synopsis from my cell phone. .

The pre-internal affairs guy that Kylagwolf, The Nomadd and I talked with is pretty cool and seems to get the big picture with all of this open carry stuff. He isn't a tool like the last one and I am glad I was able to get another officer to give an ear to our complaint.

I missed out on a great OC opportunity tonight with the cinco de Mayo stuff going on but alas, the Tracker is in her steel prison... LAME!

Ok, time for bed, seriously.



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Flintlock Tom said...

Hey, Nate,
Can you help me out?
I would like to request, from SDPD, all the records pertaining to my detention last Sunday.
Can you tell me the procedure for that?
Forms? What is the request called?