Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Walmart and Costco

So the adventures of my day took me into Poway and, as usual... well, you know... :)

After filling up my car I went over to Walmart to do a quick ammo check for .223 (for a friend) and to verify that the price of the Federal 550 pack isn't 30/box like it is in Missouri (it is 13.48... beat you, Eugene!). No problems entering or exiting, nor weird glances.

I then stopped by Costco in Carmel Mountain to pick up a rotisserie chicken. As usual, I had no problems and I did the best I could to make sure the employees had a clear visual too... no dice. Love it!

Gotta finish typing up my super lame film paper and plot a way to kill the farking gopher eating my tomato plants.



1 comment:

Robert said...

Hahahaha, that's awesome! Carry on my friend, carry on.