Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Cotijas and Yogurt World

So I went with my friends Matt and Victor last night to get some food as I hadn't eaten since the night before (studying takes that out of you) and since Mexican food is my food of choice for a studying reward we all went over to Cotijas on Garnet Ave (one of my favorites for those in the know ;) ). Of course, I packed the Tracker and as usual, I had an eventless time, despite the fact that the area was CRAWLING with police officers (though not too many people were there.)

Still feeling a bit hungry and calorically decadent, we all went over to Yogurt World (never been there, it is actually pretty good) and still, no issues. There were about 15 college students inside that didn't bat and an eye (or, if they did, I wouldn't know because they were speaking some Asian dialect, haha!).

Funny story... after our OC escapades we all went over to Matt's house, where our talk of which guns are the best for what eventually lead to a levergun loading contest with snap caps. At first it was me loading my levergun against Matt loading his .22 magazine but after I won that it became a contest on who could load my levergun the fastest. At the moment, I can load five .44mag snap caps in as low as 5.43 seconds and Matt is hot on my heels at 5.44 seconds. After his finger heals up (we were going at this for at least 1/2 an hour) we are going to compete against eachother again! Some people drink, some people go to clubs... we practice loading guns :).

With that, I am going to clean up my room (PSLQT... Post-Study Living Quarter Trauma) and go have some more OC adventures!



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