Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Oh, the places I go!

Well, just got back from another OC adventure and here is how it went...

I went to Duncan's this morning to sell a Walther PPK/S to a fellow CGN member, microstencil. Transaction went smoothly and many jokes were imparted about the wonderful intent of government agents and agencies in keeping Californians "safe." One customer thought I worked there because I had my gun on me so I gave him a business card and a quick rundown of the laws. Overall, he seemed pretty stoked about it.

After that I went over to WAMU (or Chase, whichever it is) to cash a check. No issues, no alarms.

Seeing my car running on fumes, I went over to the am/pm on Nordahl to fill up. No issues, no freaking out, just bliss.

Since am/pm is in close proximity to Turner's Outdoorsman, I headed over there to check and see if they had any 9mm ammo but as usual were out. The gun rack was totally bare as well, with less than 10 handguns and probably 40 long guns (mostly SxS or O/U shotguns), as people have pretty much sucked up the bolt, semi and leverguns as of late (apparently, they are settling for anything in lieu of good semi long guns)

After a good laugh followed by a quick depression, I went over to Wal-Mart to see if they had any .22LR or 9mm. Yet again, I was disappointed but I experienced no problems. With that, I left for home.

Yet again, another eventless day. I really think that people have it all wrong about public perception of guns here in California.

Until next time...



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