Friday, April 24, 2009

My 4-07-09 Detainment

For the full text of my detainment story, please see this link. It is posted as a Google Document to avoid formatting issues with Word-to-HTML conversion. The following link is what I sent to the Internal Affairs Department at the Escondido Police Department in its entirety as part of my complaint.

Link here.


chknwngspcl said...

You actually got off light compared to another UOCer I'm trying to find representation for, his VR was seized as well and he was held for more than 1.5 hours.


TrackerPacker said...

True that. Let's see how lightly these guys get off when I come around.


Berto said...

I;ve seen you mention a couple time about 12031 checks being similar to "stopping a vehicle to see if the driver is licensed"
I don't know the CPC regarding such traffic laws and don't care to take the time to look them up, but I would like to point out how it is different.
Driving is a privilege allowed when one has successfully completed tests etc. Cops can and do stop drivers for license checks (such as the checkpoints often up through Escondido).