Tuesday, April 28, 2009

To the California Highway Patrol

Well, you guys found my blog by searching for "can i carry a gun in my car in california" and since I am bored with writing a paper on Kelly's Heroes, I shall entertain you with some factoids on that very matter.

1) As long as one is 1000' away from a K-12 school, then UOC is completely legal in a car with either long or handgun.
2) If one is transporting a handgun within 1000' of a K-12 school or just transporting it in general, it needs to be in a locked container.
3) Ammo and the firearm can be in the same container.
4) Long guns can be concealed or openly carried in a car or on one's person anywhere in the state (save for the restricted places, like state/national parks, post offices, etc) as long as it is unloaded. HOWEVER, there is some scare about the GFSZA (federal) law coming into play so it is currently not fully tested yet. Thus, it is recommended BUT NOT NECESSARILY REQUIRED (on a state level, that is) to have a long gun in a locking case.
5) Citizens are not required to inform police that there is a firearm in the car, whether openly displayed or concealed.

That should pretty much solve it for you guys.

This could be the start to a nice FAQ page for all the Googlers out there.




elsensei said...

addendum to #5:

But if you guys would, as an entire department, quit being such authoritative weasels, remember that you work for US, and treat us as CITIZENS instead of subjects, we might be persuaded to offer you the professional courtesy of letting you know that we are armed. But then, only when we're pulled over for an actual crime- you know, one where there is an actual complaint by someone actually damaged in a measurable way- meaning that the driver damaged someone's rights or their life, liberty, or property.

Whoops. Nevermind.

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Brandon said...

I enjoy the blog Nate, you might be seeing me at some of your OC meetings in the future.