Sunday, April 5, 2009

Vallarta Supermarket and Big 5

My brother OJ made tamales today and was in need of a tamale steamer so we started looking around at a few Mexican grocery stores to find one. After some fruitless searches (no OCing in any of them because of 626.9) we were about to head to El Tigre Foods but saw Vallarta Supermarket on Valley Parkway and diverted over there. Safely out of 626.9 jurisdiction, I strapped on the Tracker and headed in. All in all, a pleasant experience with no complaints or issues. Weirdly enough, this supermarket has an armed guard at the front? Quite interesting.

Being in close proximity to Big 5 and "needing" to look at the Interstate 982, I mosied on over to have a good fondling session at the firearms counter. Unfortunately they didn't have the 982 BUT I did get to take a look at the Norinco coach gun... could make a pretty cool trunk gun, hehe :)

Homework time!


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Flintlock Tom said...

Cool, I've been looking for a nice coach gun: short barrels, open hammers. But I am really biased against products produced by communist countries. Especially when the profits go directly to support their military.
Also, I would prefer a 16 gauge, as I already have a pump, bolt and semi-auto in 16. (All C&R)