Thursday, April 2, 2009

List of articles on San Diego Open Carry

OK, here are a list of articles concerning the San Diego Open Carry Outing on Feb 28, 2009. Most of you guys have seen all of this already so this is for the newer readers.

The first one is done by none other than N6ATF of CGN. He interviewed me via chat and wrote a pretty nice article but was stiffed by several newspapers and thus didn't publish it, except on his page. Story here.

The second one is actually an expansion and a moderate butchering of N6ATF's article by Adriane Tillman of the Beach and Bay Press. I submitted to the interview with the idea that N6ATF would be compensated but since that is not the case, they will get no more interviews from me. Story here.

The third one is by Amita Sharma of KPBS. We all know about Amita and KPBS in general being skewed on civil rights pertaining to firearms but they have taken few steps to correct their willful ignorance of firearms, firearms law, etc. Story here.

The fourth one is, yet again, from Amita Sharma of KPBS. Sans an interview from me, she read my old posts and looked at my Westfield UTC trip videos to provide fodder for her article and did a great job of butchering it per KPBS regulations. Story here.

Well, off to do some Ochem, my nose is back to the grind stone! I am going shooting with a newb and a fellow Calgunner later on today so that will be a nice reprieve.



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J.R. said...

The Beach and Bay Press's UOC poll results were printed yesterday, so votes probably stopped being counted after a certain point on Wednesday.


89% support people's rights to openly carry unloaded guns in San Diego, 11% do not.

Also, last months poll, "Do you agree with SDUSD's decision to end the JROTC marksmanship training at Mission Bay High School?", which had initially been printed as majority yes (forget the exact split), received a correction. It was actually majority no, 78% no to 22% yes.