Monday, March 30, 2009

Gaslamp San Diego

My friend Lisa offered to take me to one of our favorite restaurants for my birthday (last week). We met at the Red Pearl Kitchen at 7 pm. I lucked out and got a parking space right up front, turned on the recorder, strapped on the 17C and waltzed in. No problems whatsoever. Lisa was already there and met me in the bar area and then we were seated and ordered drinks: Grey Goose and soda for me and a Tsingtao beer for her.

They have a really tasty Kobe beef-chili-watermelon salad that is so good I get it every time I go there. Lisa wasn't in the mood to share and neither was I so we each got our own. That salad is only 9 bucks by the way. We also shared beef soya noodles and then had a chocolate souffle for dessert. By that time, I was ready to go as I banged up my back in the desert this weekend and it aches if I sit for too long.

From there we wandered around downtown, just enjoying the evening. Then some guy in a group of guys asked us for directions to Dick's Last Resort. A conversation ensued in which we talked them out of Dick's (when you go there, you're paying the wait staff to be rude to you. I'll insult you for free, right now if you like, and you can get a cheaper beer somewhere else. )

We recommended the Field or Patricks, two irish pubs nearby. Patricks also has live music most nights. Heck, if they have it monday night they probably have it every night.

It turned out that the guys were from England, the Netherlands, Germany, and France. If any of them noticed my gun, they didn't mention it. Nor did they run screaming in fear. No one wet their pants, and I didn't shoot anybody.

We said our goodbyes as they departed, and I heard someone call my name. I looked up and there in the door of Thirst was my friend Chris, working as the doorman. That was as good a reason as any to stop in there for a drink. Seated at the bar drinking beer, eventually a couple of the patrons asked about my gun and I went through the usual routine. Everyone was very supportive, and it turned out that one of the patrons was actually a chef or something at that bar. Chris walked behind the bar and said he was buying me a shot which I declined on the grounds that I am the biggest lightweight you'll ever find in a 200 lb package. That wasn't good enough for him, so I pulled out my trump card, "I appreciate the offer and I'll take a raincheck. But there's a good chance I'm going to run into a cop tonight and I have to have my A-game."

That satisfied.

Five minutes later the chef guy (who said I was doing a great thing by carrying and that more people should do it) offered to buy us drinks. Lisa accepted, and I asked for a Coke.

Another five minutes later, and a third employee behind the bar sets a row of shots in front of everyone. The funny thing is, in my whole life the only time a bar employee has bought me a drink was some months ago at the Tilted Kilt, and that was only because I was wearing a kilt. But again, my polite decline was not acceptable and I had to again play the police card. Lisa drank most of my shot, plus hers. That girl can sure throw them back for being so petite.

We handed out some open carry flyers to interested people and then split.

Back on the street we got passed by a couple police cruisers but they either didn't notice or didn't care.

We decided to stop in to Patrick's to check out the blues band. The bouncer was a really nice guy, very polite, definitely noticed the pistol and didn't care. We came in in the middle of something bluesy, and Lisa and I soulfully lindy-hopped the rest of the number and then the one after that as well. Yes, I was swing dancing in a bar downtown with a 9mm and 25 rounds on my hip. Luckily, my gun did not take advantage of the distraction to act violently of it's own accord.

I still don't trust it though; Sarah Brady has said that handguns are dangerous and do all sorts of terrible things and she wouldn't say that if it weren't true. I bet while my handgun is nestled snugly in its holster, canted to a saucy angle, it's just biding it's time...playing possum.

We bailed Patrick's, said adios to the bouncer and thanked him and I walked Lisa home and then drove home myself and here I am, tired. Good night and CARRY ON!



Lisa Ann Wilson said...

What a night!

For the record though, I did not drink your shot...THAT would have put me under the table ;)

The funny thing about the dancing - the gun didn't even get in the way...had we been doing Balboa, however - that would have been a problem.

TrackerPacker said...

Freaking awesome. I wonder why Paul Cooper seems to think we are such "fringe-of-society" guys?

D. Diamond said...