Monday, March 23, 2009

March 21-22 Del Mar Gun Show

OK, so I open carried the ENTIRE TIME (both the Tracker AND the Puma 92) at the Del Mar Gun Show and I didn't get bugged by one cop the entire time! (Might be because Silva wasn't there.) I also got in through the vendor entrance (since I was a Calguns rep) and I was able to sell my Mossberg M44US before the show even started! Freaking awesome.

Here is a pic of some of us at the booth. The makeup changed a bit after this was taken but the Best Buy logo is priceless.


I also got to peruse a bit while there. Didn't pick up my Butler Creek 10/22 folding stock like I wanted but I did manage to get a brick of Aguila Super Maximum, a box of Winchester .44SPL hollowpoints (carry ammo of choice), three .44mag/spl speed strips and two shirts. Fun stuff :)

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