Sunday, March 15, 2009

Maintaining good form with Open Carry

Alright fellow OCers and gun enthusiasts, I have been prompted to write this blog post based on the urging of a friend of mine and it is to urge you guys to keep your cool, maintain your good standing in the community and keep your eyes on the goal. Allow me to explain.

You have to AT ALL TIMES be a an IMPECCABLE role-model and citizen, for both the OC community and the non-gun owning or bearing citizens in your midst. You as a gun owner and OCing individual have to take the moral, ethical and legal high ground in EVERYTHING that you do, whether you are OCing or not. You need to make yourself look like Johnny Q. Citizen all the freaking time.

On a more legal note, I want to caution everyone that the OC movement is not some silly game, this is some serious **** and you cannot mess around. If you want to OC, you better have a WORKING voice recorder, a knowledge of your domain or wherever you are traveling, FRIENDLY WITNESSES, knowledge of the penal code that is SO GOOD that you can make a cop's head spin, be proficient in exercising your 1st, 2nd, 4th and 5th Amendment rights, know all the applicable court decisions and, last but not least, HAVE MONEY IN THE BANK!

The OC movement in California is still very much in the educational stage and it will not be until Nordyke that we can get the ball rolling on getting our rights back. In the meantime, we CANNOT AFFORD ANY BAD COURT DECISIONS! Also, we are pretty much on our own right now in terms of support, especially $$$$$. While a lot of higher-up guys like Gene Hoffman and the other guys at CGF (Calguns Fund) are supportive of our activities insofar as the exercising of our rights, getting people into the guns community, etc., the potential for a setback with bad case law is immeasureable and as such we cannot be backed by any pro-RKBA groups all the way, if at all.

The bottom line is if we mess up one iota, if we lose any cases, if we set any bad examples to the public or to other organizations, we could ruin, set back or sully many important advances for our rights. I am not asking you guys to back down nor am I advocating for a retreat. What I am asking though is that you guys keep your cool, know your stuff and play it safe. We can't have any more half-assed, gung-ho, Lone Ranger, Charge of the Light Brigade crap going on. Either go big and stand strong or stay home and keep your guns in the safe. Simple as that.

Also, in other news.

-I got interviewed by the Beach and Bay Press about OCing. Article should be out sometime this week.

-I might get interviewed for the SD Reader and I might be taking the reporter to the shooting range for her first range trip. Stay tuned for that, we might have a good pro-gunner reporter joining the ranks soon!

-I am still trying to get the writer of the inflammatory anti-gun article here to go shooting with me so I can educate her properly and inform her of her constitutional rights. I hope she responds as it is a favorite hobby of mine to educate new shooters.

-Gene Hoffman has stated that if we are intent on OCing that we need to support our own. Click here to read his statement and to support Theseus!

-My spring break is coming up in short order and I am working on collaborating with my brother and possibly one other individual for making a set of OC/OLL/etc. training videos . This should streamline the training process and tone of seriousness about OC and other aspects of asinine California firearms laws. Stay tuned, the cavalry is coming.


Dr. Paleo Ph.D. said...

Keep up the good work!


P.S. You hear about AB 357?

Flintlock Tom said...

"We can't have any more half-assed, gung-ho, Lone Ranger, Charge of the Light Brigade crap going on. Either go big and stand strong or stay home and keep your guns in the safe."

I don't understand this. Can you point me to some examples of "half-assed, gung-ho, etc. crap"?
And what does "go big and stand strong or stay home" mean.

TrackerPacker said...

The situations I am referring to are from friends of mine that were ill-prepared.;

The latter reference is about knowing your rights and being prepared or not going out at all.

Flintlock Tom said...

Gotcha', thanks.