Friday, March 6, 2009

Hollywood Video and Chito's

So my little sister's boyfriend flaked out on her tonight and she was feeling a little bit bummed so I took her to Hollywood Video to get a movie and Chito's Taco Shop to get our Lenten special of fish tacos and burritos.

OCing in Hollywood Video was just peachy and I had no issues, not even a freaked out child. I caved in to renting Made of Honor to make her happy... not too bad on the chick-flick scale of things, I will admit. (7 sisters, I am licensed to make such statements, hehe :) )

Since no schools are on the way from Hollywood Video to Chito's, I left the gun in my holster while driving. No one was really around at Chito's so I had no issues there. Plus, I am a fairly regular regular so I think they know me fairly well by now.

Back to O-Chem for a bit.



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