Saturday, March 14, 2009

I interrupt my studies to bring you this...

Hey, just taking a quick break between royally BSing a paper on Meryl Streep and contemplating the uselessness of my knowledge (or lack thereof) of organic chemistry to bring you this...

N8's badass card

I just ordered 500 of them for about 12.45 TMD (to my door) and they should be here in about two weeks or so. Once I get a break from my studies I really want to have my friend Stephanie design a logo for me (those who went to the San Diego Meet, she is the girl in the motivational poster :) ) but until then I think these will do just beautifully.

Also, I don't know if you guys noticed over on, but there is talk from Mike Stollenwerk himself about making "Carry on!" the informal saying of the OC movement. Being that it is now a fad, I would like to be able to say that I was one of the people that associated that phrase with the OC movement (if for anything but a good bar story, haha) but if anyone can point me to a person that began to use it regularly before I did (Dec 22, 2008) then I will gladly relinquish my self-indulgent title of "trendsetter," HAHA! :)

Well, off to study for chemistry!



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J.R. said...

Heh, love the cheapo business cards. I've wasted so many of them through changes of info though. Hope you run out of them by the end of the year!