Sunday, March 1, 2009

Macaroni Grill (again!)

Today was the day we all got together to celebrate my sister's birthday and it was held at Macaroni grill. I showed up about 30 minutes early with my appropriate gear strapped on and I waited with OJ and Ashley (brother and sister) while my parents and other siblings arrived.

I had one interaction the entire night. I was standing in the lobby with my arms crossed and chilling out and a parks management worker (a regular at the bar) looked, stopped, looked again and said...

-Oh, you must be a cop.
-Well then, that must not be real.
-Nope, it's real.
-Should I be concerned?

He ended up just going to the bar and I went outside to hang with my brother and sister.

Eventually the parents showed up and neither noticed I was carrying (my little test on them) and shortly after Sam showed up and was OCing as well. After sitting down and getting acclimated I asked OJ why he wasn't carrying, whereupon he remembered that he didn't put his Glock back at his apartment so while I went to the bathroom he holstered up and came back in.

What happened the whole night? No screams, no yells, no cops. Absolutely eventless as it should always be. Even my Dad is coming around now, maybe he will join us on the next OC outing :)

Well, off to bed.



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