Thursday, March 19, 2009

San Diego News (Beach and Bay Press) Article

I got interviewed about the OC meet that happened on the 28th and I took screenshots of the article. Not high quality by any means but until I get a hold of the original ink-filled tree stump this shall have to do :)


Also, here is the KPBS article on our outing. She got the whole police involvement thing wrong and it is severely biased (stupid attorneys...) but I am working on getting that fixed.

KPBS Article here


Paul said...

Overall not to bad an article. Starts off with the hysterical nonsense but ends with your comments. You gonna link the KPBS article with your pic in it also?

davina said...

The overall tone isn't super friendly towards OC. Though it's not directly-negative publicity, and that's always good. The mention of the 1000' reminded me: AB 668 goes up for discussion on the 28th. It extends the school zone rule to 1500'. Let's hope that crap doesn't pass, it's hard enough navigating around the 1000' no zones already.

big said...

good article