Thursday, March 26, 2009

GI Joe's and Walter Reed (er, Anderson)

So I went down to GI Joe's in El Cajon (wearing my kick-ass "Got Liberty?" t-shirt, thanks Diceman!) to pick up some body armor (cheaper and more secure than exercising for that buff look the ladies love) and while carrying I had no issues. Go figure being a military surplus store, but ya never know :)

On the way home I went to Walter Anderson nursery to pick up some more tomato plants (My family is sooo getting canker sores between the tomatoes and citrus fruits) and *GASP*, no one freaked! No one even asked me about it, not even the employee that was giving me growing advice.

Also, non-OC related but I totally wore my brand new (to me) body armor to El Plantio Nursery to give it a "test run" and I got to meet not only a gun-curious employee (gave him some pointers on which rifles to buy) but also a Wholford F&G Range Master, both of whom got got handed one of my brand new business cards, YAY! The rangs master hadn't heard of open carry but was really stoked when I gave him the rundown of it. I would have carried at this nursery location but there is some Christian academy right across the street.

Well, time to plant all the plants I bought.




Dr. Paleo Ph.D. said...

Where can I see this shirt...?

Diceman said...

Glad you like your shirt.

J.R. said...

Just got back from GI Joe's... overwhelming amount of stuff compared to the last surplus store I've been to in years (last week, Bargain Center Surplus in North Park).

Covered all the aisles and the basement, found the body armor next to the office/breakroom. More navy blue than black, sizes 38R and 40R. The condition that they were in didn't inspire confidence... tried them on and while the size might have been right, didn't feel comfortable. They're still $75 each.

For comparison, the only real body armor BCS had was a Safariland Zero G vest new or like new for $599. I oohed and ahhed over that until I saw the price. Can't say the same for the $75 vests.