Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Metal detector, Ralphs and SDCCU

Yep, I got through a metal detector! So weird! Here is how it happened...

I was in the 4S Ranch area running an errand and I went over to Union Bank to withdraw some cash. Going into the bank I noticed that the left hand door said "Enter" with a green symbol and had a list of things not allowed in the bank. A quick glance showed nothing about guns so I walked in. Once in I walked to the second door and I was greeted with a loud "EEERGH!" and that is when I realized I just went through a metal detector. I stood forward of the clearing area and looked around, noticing a sign on the door that said to wait for the green light. After waiting a few seconds, the green light came on!

After getting through that little event I had a chat with the teller and he said that they installed the security system 3 months ago and that a guard buzzes in each person. Not that I am breaking any laws or even bank policies, but how does one miss a 9" OAL revolver?

On the way out I had to exit through one door, wait until the first door closed and then open the second door. Since I was strongside to the teller at this point, I am sure that he noticed. Wonder if I could do that again...

After that, I put my gun on the front seat and drove over to Ralph's to pick up cilantro and a red onion. No problems.

Remembering I had to pay my friends car bill (he pays me back :) ) I went up to SDCCU in Escondido and paid the bill for him. Again, no issues.

Well, back to writing my paper. I kind of want to go rat hunting tonight so I just might bust out the Single Six and some Aguila Colibris for that... who knows.




elsensei said...

more worthless feel-good measures.

TheButterZone said...

Maybe because it was exposed you were let in. If it beeped for a concealed weapon, no green light? Next time I would stow the gun, and bring in a chunk of metal instead.