Friday, March 6, 2009

To the interested members of ARFCOM...

Dear ARFCOM members,

I have tried to sign up for the ARFCOM multiple times but since I do not have the lame ISP email address in my name (nor do we even know it) I have had generally lurk on ARFCOM and watch some of the threads, particularly the one concerning the recent SD outing.

I would like to lay a little groundwork for you guys so that you all actually know what occurred.

1) We invited only one police officer to join us in off-duty capacity. He is a personal friend of Calguns members and the OC movement and a good man, which is why we invited him. Word got around the station and the Captain decided to get in on it and bring extra guys along, apparently due to her "strong ties to the community." In essence, they generally came to our party uninvited, not the other way around. In the end though, it was beneficial but still unnecessary.

2) In the future, we are going to have meets where the cops are not informed of them. As our SOP, we will inform them the first 2-3 meets FORMALLY and after that, all communication will be dropped. If there is going to be any reform in the carry laws the cops need to understand that unless they issue CCW permits, they will keep getting their resources drained.

An exception to the notification rule is the El Cajon Police Department, for they have been a little too uppity for my liking and I think it would be fun to screw with them.

3) "Carry for real?" Sure, I plan to go down there by myself sometime to see the sights without notifying anyone, as it is my legal right. Not a lot of pretty women here at UCSD so the boardwalk is oh-so-enticing. In fact, I think I will wear it crossdraw just to add some extra-visible "realism" for you guys. :)

4) If you want to check out the various open carry stories, go to the and (California section) to read more about the various stories and police interactions that various citizens have posted.

For a full writeup of the San Diego Open Carry Outing, click here.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me, comment on this post or even post on the ARFCOM thread here, as I shall be watching it as you all go along.

Edited to add: In response this post by Tunafingers (ARFCOM member)

First off, that fellow member is full of shit. There were plenty of hot chicks at my alumni. I dare him to open carry on any other day in PB or any other populated county in SD and he'd get the shit beat out of him, by citizens and cops. It's legal to open carry locked and loaded in NV but have personally seen cowboys and ghetto gangsters get the shit beat out of them on the Las Vegas strip by cops for carrying openly. It may be legal but not okay in city limits or private property. Keep the John Wayne attitude on the outskirts of town. I'm sure that's the case for most populated areas, no matter what state.

OK, game on. I will OC by myself, with no police notification and for a duration of no less than an hour down on the boardwalk, if for any other reason than to spite you. If you actually read any of the 75 or so blog posts that I have, you would see that I have carried into many populated areas with nary a scratch by either cop or citizen (er, criminal)

When I find a cute girl at UCSD it will more than likely be because Oktoberfest has come to campus and all the St. Pauli's girl look-alikes have swarmed the place.

I might even take pictures along the way, who knows. Rest assured though, it will happen.

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