Sunday, March 8, 2009

Taco Shop Fun

So I went down to my brother's place last night around 10 or so for a little hanging out and we decided that since we had both been indoors pretty much the entire day, we would go out and eat. Initially we considered Denny's, en route changed our minds to Del Taco and then ended up at a random taco shop.

Walking in was rather interesting as there were three drunk people sitting at a table to my left and being rather loud. The main guy was making an impromptu rap (got almost the whole thing recorded too!) filled with various obscenities and was making remarks about how my brother and I should hurry up and order. Eventually we did order and while waiting we exited the shop. On the way out the main guy interrupted his rap and said "That guy is packing a f*****g revolver!"

While waiting, we walked over to the club next door to just look at the interior from the outside. The security guard looked a little wary but no issues there. After about 20 seconds we walked over to the taco shop again.

While waiting a group of three guys came in to order and right as they came in our food came up. Eventually, they came to sit next to our table and guy took notice of me carrying. After about 2 minutes, one of them ventured to ask me about the licensing, the procedures, getting harassed, etc. In the course of conversation I informed him of the law and learned that he is from Illinois, which then prompted further discussion on current case law, upcoming court decisions, etc.

While talking, one guy poked his head in

-Hey, someone said that there is some monkey running around with a gun on his hip
-Yeah, that's me
-Wow, I had to come here and see it for myself. Why are you carrying a gun like that?
-Because I am apparently not important enough for a CCW permit.
-Alright man, just asking. Have a good night .

After finishing up I told the guys to Google me and that it was nice talking to them.

Yet another night of educating people and eating Mexican food, YAY!




Nick said...

What happened to the radio show?

J.R. said...

The interview happened.