Wednesday, July 15, 2009

On the boardwalk... BOARDWALK!

Well, as some of you may have seen from my Twitter and Tumblr posts (simultaneously conducted with Ping.FM, sweet!), I was at the boardwalk yesterday to kill some time before I had to go over to a friend's house to assess his apparent ammo and gun part stash he is looking to unload (part of it is on right now). Here is how it all went...

On my way down, I stopped by Matt's house to drop off a few items and drop a few funny bombs on him. I then went down to PB to WAMU to cash a check. While there, I experienced no issues.

After cashing my check, I went down into PB and parked in the Vons underground parking to go get some sunscreen. Again, no issues while OCing. I even passed by a security guard!

After going back to my car to change my shirt and drop off one bottle of sunscreen (2-for-1 sales make albinos such as myself very happy!), I proceeded to the boardwalk. On my way there I was Pinging my blog accounts while I (purposely) passed a cop car. I will concede that I cheated a bit by walking weakside to the car but my gun was visible when I walked a little further away. No more cheating from here on out, I will be presenting strongside!

While walking towards Belmont park I met a CCW permit holder who asked me about my gun, what I was doing, etc. Unfortunately my business cards were in the car (OCing dry, forgot to relocate my business cards) but I did have pamphlets. Apparently, he saw me walk by the cop car from Starbucks and thought it was cool that the cops didn't bother with anything. Aside from meeting this man and multiple double takes (so funny to see out of the corner of your eye!), my boardwalk adventure was business as usual.

After my roundtrip loop (Grand Ave to Santa Clara and back) I went back to my parking spot and unholstered my gun. After a bit I drove over to Ramiros taco shop and ordered up a fish burrito and again experienced no issues.

On the way back up to Clairemont, I stopped by WAMU again to cash two checks that I forgot about. No issues.

*Skip a few hours of non-OCing*

After assessing my friend's ammo collection, I got a call from Matt about Walmart's supply of 9mm ammo and thus made a bee-line there. I got to pick up 6 boxes (YES!) and not even the security guard buying some equipment at the counter made no mention of the Tracker.

With that, I left for home.

Another day of proving naysayers wrong, another day of reaching yet another gun owner. A success in anyone's book.

Time for a haircut, I got a wedding to go to in a few days!



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