Saturday, July 18, 2009

Del Mar Gun Show

Just saw the SD reader article in actual print for the first time, I am pretty stoked about it! I also got pointed out by a few more people that recognized me from either the article or my blog. That was pretty cool. :)

As far as the show, the place was packed! Ammo has definitely gone up in price, some at least twice that which I am used to paying. I snatched a few $10 boxes of 9mm so I have something to feed the
Hi Power, including three boxes of Fiocchi!

Gotta get another OC meet going here soon, many people have been asking me about it. Once I get the details on the potential Long Beach gathering then I will post it up!



1 comment:

J.R. said...

$10 for 50 of 9mm? Nice. Last time I bought .45 it was $17.xx per 50.