Saturday, July 11, 2009

Oil Changing Adventures!

Yet another good OC day in my hometown and *GASP* not a fainted maiden or scared child in sight! Here is how it went down...

After doing my morning errands and some attempts at burying a few more rodents, I headed over to Express Tire to go get an oil change. Within about 3 minutes of getting there the mechanic struck up a conversation with me about my gun and was stoked that I was even able to carry my gun at all. I then met another mechanic there that was just as thoroughly stoked about my gun and related to me his plight concerning hi cap magazines. Not to belabor the story, but suffice it to say that I gave him my patented "Dont Talk to Cops!" lecture.

After some more discussion on legal mattes and rumination over some cool firearms, I went outside to meet with my friend Melissa so I could hang at her place while my car got worked on. In the course of chilling at her place, it was decided that we should get some Mexican food and thus went to Pacific Taco (near Express Tire.) While there, I met some cuties...



After going back to Mel's pad and eating, we went back to Express Tire and picked up my car. This brought forth yet another discussion on guns, this time I was outlining the legalities of the AK-47, transferring a pistol, etc. I recommended the Saiga to the mechanic that asked about the AK-47 (I will have one of those rifles one day :) ) and all of them got business cards :)

After paying, I went over to Vons to pick up some corn tortillas and cilantro for tomorrow's bachelor party (more on that at the very end!) and as usual my experience was blissful. Unfortunately, I came up short on cilantro and thus had to go over to Trader Joe's. I couldn't find any there at first but a very cute cashier helped me get the last box from the sample lady in the back. Yet again, uneventful.

So there you have it, just another day in my life. Got to educate a few people and (sort of) feel like a free man.

Shame on all the naysayers saying I am doing more harm than good!

Oh, before I forget! I am going sport fishing tomorrow for my friend's bachelor party. Being that I will, at that time, be in the legal pursuit of game with a hunting or fishing permit... well, you guys get the picture ;)

I will post pictures of the aftermath!