Sunday, July 26, 2009

Due to some issues with potentially harmful legislation, I am standing down on open carry until August 31.

Carry On.



Matthew said...

you are a cunt fuck idiot. Grow up and leave your guns in the privacy of your own home.

Anonymous said...

Nice Matthew! It's a free country and it's perfectly LEGAL! I can tell though by your high level of discourse and the articulate manner in which you express your point of view, you're not an intellect to be trifled with. Seriously, who looks like the "idiot?"

Dr. Paleo Ph.D. said...

Wait, what? Standing down?


J.R. said...

Even if all gun owners died, they'd still infringe on the corpses.

ThisSlickDevil said...

NO!!!!! I read this nearly every morning at my desk... Your blog is not only Valuable from an informative standpoint, but its also entertaining- to hear the stupidity of your local law enforcement.
And I would give the tip of my pinky finger to read you rip Matthew to shreds.
Though, James has already made Matty’boy look like the glory-hole he is… nothing but lil’P-P coming out of his hole.
I’ll miss this blog! Damnit… Well, go get’em!
And in your Words… “Carry On!”

Brandon said...

Im not understanding why is it that we SHOULD stand down till Aug 31st?