Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Calling all OCers... PACK AT THE GUN SHOWS!

OK guys, I think that this is the sort of event that we can all get into and all in a safe manner. All you need to do is when you go to a gun show, just bring your gun with you. The catch is that you CANNOT HAVE AMMUNITION FOR YOUR GUN ON YOUR PERSON! This means that if you have a .44mag (like I do) and you buy .44mag/spl for it, YOU CANNOT CARRY THE AMMO WITH YOU! As long as your gun is unloaded and you do not possess the ammo to feed the gun, you are OK.

While there, pass out pamphlets about OC. It is a good way to get converts :)



1 comment:

newton said...

Just be aware that people will probably get confused when they learn your gun isn't for sale... :)