Sunday, July 19, 2009

I have returned and with news

Well, I got back to my house a little while ago after being away for about 4 days and I must say, it is nice to be back in my own room! Unfortunately, I got a little cleaning to do but that isn't so bad.

I worked the Del Mar Gun Show both Saturday and Sunday and I must say that I was pretty stoked at the genuine interest in OC that has arisen due to the SD Reader's article. I had at least 10 people over the two day period actually recognized me and stopped for a chat. Kind of refreshing to see supportive people in person instead of over a computer screen.

The gun show today was particularly fun because a certain favorite, Mollie, came on down for a bit to hang out at our booth. I know that I keep saying that I want to do a Girls and Guns calender but gosh dangit, it has to happen! Mollie and (possibly) her friend Amanda have volunteered to be in it so I am going to scrounge up a few more gun loving hotties for a nice, clean calendar shoot! :)

Here are some photos from the day.

Our booth on day 1


Our booth on day 2


Mollie with microstencil's AR-15


Mollie with my Tracker


Me having fun with a police car.


Also, I scanned in the photos used in the SD Reader. The pages are so wide in the Reader that I could not fit everything on the scanner bed so I just did the cover and the four images on the first page.



Also, there are a fair number of sites that are discussing Rosa's article. Here is a list of all the sites I could find in Google within 5 minutes.

The Firearm Blog
Transsylvania Phoenix
Hell in a Handbasket
NCAA Strategies (They called me Napoleon Dynamite... great ;) )
Pajamas Media (just a link post, no discussion)
Frontier Sixshooter
The Tree of Liberty
Arkansas Carry
Austin Guns and Ammo

As Maine Goes
Ballistic Deanimatio
The Whines of a Crochety Bookman
The Spain Forum
John Jacob H’s RKBA Commentary
Pennsylvania Firearm Owners Association
Bombs Away
Glocktalk (Title: Today I have seen snowflakes in hell)
The Annoyed Army
2A Sisters
Freetalk BBS
S&W Forum
Freedom and the Constution and Open Carry of a Firearm.
A mention on

Craig W. spotted this article from San Diego, California: They Carry Guns. I've said it before and I'll say it again: Much like a muscle that atrophies with disuse, any right that goes unexercised for many years devolves into a privilege, and eventually can even be redefined as a crime.


That about sums it up for today. Time to organize my life a little bit after 4 days of being away.



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