Monday, July 20, 2009

AM 600 KOGO Interview tomorrow!

Around 8AM on AM 600 KOGO on JULY 21, 2009!

Phone in number is 800-600-5646 if any of you all want to chime in.




ThisSlickDevil said...

Awesome! you're on...!

ThisSlickDevil said...

Cool Deal Nate, the disconnect at first scared me! but then... you were back ... Im trying to sneak the call in at my desk (boss isnt in yet). But Kudos man for going on and Slapping your Balls on the Cutting Board.!. I would have had NO Idea about Open Carry until I found your Blog! I've since tried getting my friends together, but they stare at me like an infant at a breast... blank and oblivious.

ThisSlickDevil said...

(as you can see, dialing a phone, listening for the boss, and typing a comment = poor sentence structure)
what I MEANT to say was thank you, I would have had no idea about open carry; Had I not stumbled upon your blog (which I check daily) and try to comment as frequent as possible so you know that people appreciate the time you put into it. Alright, enough arce-kissin'
In your words.... "Carry On"