Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Some teaser photos

So I thought that since the SD Reader article is taking FOREVER AND A DAY to get published (no offense to the SD Reader folks, I think you guys kick ass!) that I would post a few "teaser" photos. The writeup in relation to these photos is here.

This one is of the Nevada residents that thought the cops were being lame for harassing us. They were totally stoked to hear about Nevada's gun laws and I hope they begin OCing out there! Which reminds me, I should get a hold of those guys...


Sam and I just walking down the boardwalk. Notice how scared everyone is that we might be criminals!

Sam and I chilling out on the boardwalk wall.


I wish that we had gotten a photo with the really cool Arizona residents but alas! Hindsight is 20/20!

That's pretty much it. I think I will start writing out my demand letter for the latest transgressions upon my apparently inviolable rights (the yet-published San Ysidro incident)



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