Friday, June 5, 2009

SD Reader Photoshoot

Well, yet another eventful day, plus another 12031 check! Here's the scoop...

After physiology class I went down to The Coaster saloon to see if they would honor their word about letting guns back in if they verified the legality. Unfortunately, they have been shown to be liars as not 2 minutes into sitting down I was told that guns were not allowed. Ginny (the waitress that lied about Sam) was the one to greet me and shortly after the manager came out and said that guns weren't allowed "because they scare the customers," which we all know is a load of crap.

So with that, I drove over to Starbucks and looked over my physiology notes (kidneys are a piece of cake!) while waiting to rendezvous with the photographer. Before I met with the photographer though I went over to my car to drop off my notebook so I didn't have to carry it everywhere.

At about 11:25 I met the photographer and his assistant and was told that I needed a bit of a lighter shirt since my holster blended in too much. While on the way back to change I took the assistant with me and gave her a run down of some of the finer OC points.

On our way back we met up with Sam and got to taking photos. Right at the beginning of our photo shoot the cops rolled up and started their whole 12031 shindig. Two officers exited their vehicle and casually came out broadside with their hands on their guns. One officer went to Sam, who was standing in the middle of the sidewalk and the other walked on the beach over to me, where I was leaning on the shower wall right in front of the lifeguard tower. Here is how it went.

-Put your hands on your head please.
*Complied* *Puts his hand on mine*
-Ok, please turn and face the wall.
*I turn*
-Keep your hands on your head please. Is your gun loaded?
-You can check if you want.
-I am just asking. Does your holster have retention or is it a straight pull?
-Straight pull.
*Checks, puts it back in*
-Do you have any ID on you?
-Nope. Am I required to present any?
-I am just asking.
-Sorry for my brusqueness, but I have had issues with the police before.
-Well, it is unusual to see people with guns out here besides ourselves.
-I guess.
-My name is Chris by the way.
*Shake hands*
-So, is that gun registered to you?
-Am I legally required to answer that question?
-I am just asking
-Meh, I'd rather not say then.
*Insert gun talk here. He likes Springfields :) *
-Alright, take care.

By this time we had drawn quite a small crowd that were quite curious about what happened. There will also at least four other police officers, one of whom was our old friend, Zimmerman. They lingered at the scene and eventually left.

As it turns out, our crowd was a bunch of Nevada residents and I informed them of their own state's open carry laws and they were totally stoked to hear about it. They took some pictures of and with us and we had a good time chatting with them. At the same time, a radio announcer came down and asked us what happened (details got a little bit garbled) and invited us to come on up to the PB Shore Club later on.

After chatting up the Nevada residents we took some more photos and then went into the PB Shore Club (keep in mind, invited) to take some more photos. We talked to a few people there and they were pretty cool about everything (they saw the whole 12031 check, BTW) and we left when the "manager" came and said there was a no weapons policy. He seemed genuinely confused when I told him that the radio station invited us up but he quickly shook off the electrical storm and said there was a no weapons policy.

We also went down to Belmont Park and got some photos at a showering place. While there we got to talk to an Arizona resident that was totally cool and very supportive. He said that Arizona hands out CCW permits all the time, they WANT you to have a gun! HAHAHA! Very cool guy. BTW, if you are that guy and are reading this post, shoot me an email so I can get you an invite to the next OC outing!

After that photo opportunity we all split up and went to our respective destinations.

All in all, another eventful and fun day educating people about guns and gun laws. We met a lot of supportive people and I think that a lot of the hoplophobia that we hear so much is generally not true.

With that, chemistry study session time!




Trevordawg said...

Did you ask the manager if he had even verified like he said he would?
Sounds like the Coaster is going on the blacklist.

I've got to know what site is linked to "details got a little bit garbled" - my corp spyware blocked access!

J.R. said...

What a clusterfrak. SDPD was desperate to get the last "word" in on the Reader story. They were probably hoping the cover picture would be you up against the wall for daring to defend yourself, and put the big chill on OC.

TrackerPacker said...

Trevordawg, the link you couldn't access was to a thread about Rock105.3 broadcasting that two UOCers (myself and my brother) got confronted by the police and and had guns drawn on us.

I called them and told them that was just not true :)