Thursday, June 18, 2009

OC videos!

OK everyone, the OC videos are finally here! It took a while to get the hardware squared away, the videos uploaded and commented upon but they are finally up! For those of you that are new to the OC scene and are planning on attending the upcoming San Diego OC Outing coming up in the next few weeks, these are pretty important to watch.

Bear in mind that these videos are our first efforts at such an educational measure but certainly not our last. I have a few plans in the works for making a more comprehensive series for newer persons, visitors, etc. for the purpose of quicker dissemination of knowledge, each series on a different topic of California firearms law. My goal is to reduce the videos down to 2-3 minutes a piece and focus on one specific topic at a time.

With that, here is the playlist. Comments are welcome and I will add information to these videos as necessary.





ThisSlickDevil said...

You are the greatest Human being alive. . . Spank you for the info’ well-done…Well-done…

elsensei said...

hmmm...i thought BARACK was the greatest...i guess i just got schooled.

ThisSlickDevil said...

Thats my next T-shirt!
"Got Ammo?...
Of Course NOT
Thank You,

I shall attempt to have it made for the Orange County Meet this Sat.

Javi said...

Great detailed information! Thank you,

ThisSlickDevil said...

On a serious note, thank you to the Both of you. Its clearly visible the amount of time and effort spent creating these awesome EDUCATIONAL videos.
I wish this was around 4years ago, I had no idea how man times I have been illegally searched, treated unjust, etc,etc,etc…so on and so forth.
The last two videos for the 12031, was not only educational for the purposes of open carry, but ANY time an LEO makes contact with you (including the laughable park ranger, who thinks he’s a secret service agent).
I’m going to put these youtube links on my Myspace and post them frequently on the message boards.
A sincere thank you for your time fella’s …
If you ever wana hit the range lemme know, I’ll make the commute down south!

J.R. said...
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J.R. said...
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J.R. said...

Pretty good from what I can see (had to download the FLVs for local playback since YouTube HD sucks on PPC Macs. In other words, no annotation.)

A few suggestions to raise the production value to that of other how-to videos:
Silence all phone/pager/computer/dog collar sounds - they distract from, if not make it very difficult to hear, the talking.
Consider handing the footage off to a video editor (Sean Newton?) so they can mark the segments with extraneous noises/needing to silence them off-camera and semi-seamlessly insert replacement scenes with you repeating what was originally said, wearing the same clothes
Trim off the beginning and end of each video so there is no walk-on, walk-off to hit the record button

Ugh, I think that's the final edit on this comment.