Saturday, June 13, 2009

El Cajon PD letter and my day overall

AT LAST! Justice of a variable Brix scale has arrived upon my doorstep from El Cajon PD! Here it is!


WOO HOO! For those readers that are new, this document is in relation to my 4-23-09 Detainment by El Cajon PD.

OK, now that that excitement has passed, I would like to let everyone know that I spent a lot of time today with Sam getting his TV/computer hookup working and filming our OC videos. They are currently uploading to Youtube and will be posted, pending some embedded video commentary.

After filming, I went over to Ranch Market in Clairemont to pick up some eggroll wrappers. I was in there about 25 minutes and not one person batted an eye. Aside from the relatively lackluster customer service, it was a pleasant experience.

I then went over to Home Depot to pick up some plants for my parents. While there I talked with a horticulturalist about what I was looking for and after about 10 minutes she finally noticed that I was carrying a gun. She looked a little confused and asked me who I worked for (she looked at the back and front of my tan Calguns shirt, hehe.) When I told her that I was a normal guy she said that it was unusual to see someone with a gun in Home Depot but that she was from Mississippi and was used to it.

With that, I left for home. Time to work out a few things at the casa!




J.R. said...

"variable Brix scale" LOL more like a binary. 0=we did nothing, 1=we did something

elsensei said...

Congratulations. Now let's hope they follow through with the training. I know a kid who would be great for showing them the ropes...

ThisSlickDevil said...

(not that there is money involved here, just a celebratory – excited “Yippee” of sorts)
Good work, I look forward to the OC-videos as well…

Paul said...

Re the PD letter: It ain't much but at least they are admitting that they were wrong. Good job!

Cheryl said...

Damn I wonder if we can sit in on that training with a copy of what is legal and go nope your wrong and this is what the pc says. Yeah I am still ticked over that whole mess.