Friday, June 5, 2009

Major Market

So I think the police are beginning to figure out who I am. This is not a proven fact but it is compelling evidence that a few of them have either surmounted the learning curve or are not truly interested in 12031 checks. Here is the story....

I went over to Major Market last night to pick up some London Broils for my brother (snagged one for myself too ;) ). I chatted up the produce guy at the back about Boston vs. West Coast vernacular and how I apparently have some east cost euphemisms under my belt, such as "wicked" and "peachy." Linguistics is pretty cool (Ever seen the Hot For Words girl? She is FRIGGIN AMAZING!)

After all that, I went up to the counter, waited and then was rung up. While doing so, the cashier asked about my gun and said it was unusual to see anyone out here except cops open carry, but in Utah it is a normal thing *ZING!* I told him that I am trying to "bring it back" and I handed him a business card. I also made mention of the fact that I thought someone from Major Market called the cops on me a while ago and he exclaimed "Oh, so YOU'RE the guy!" After some other joking I took my beautiful London Broils and exited.

On my way out to my car I noticed that I heard an engine but didn't see any lights. After taking a quick look around I noticed a cop car parked in the shadows in direct line of sight of my car. I didn't give them too much notice though as I put the meat and the Tracker in their respective places, sat down in my car and called my brother to tell him what was going on, as I was pretty certain they were going to pull me over so they could legally pull my ID and all that.

With my voice recorder still running I exited the parking lot onto Centre City Parkway and the cops did not follow me. I had smooth sailing all the way home.

Well, I got physiology class, then a meeting with the SD Reader for some photos, then a study group session at school, then organic chemistry class then more studying! Adios for now.



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J.R. said...

Major Market's only in Esco, right? I'm surprised those corrupt ****s didn't order you to the ground at gunpoint right outside the entrance, pull your DL, run your serial number, and break your new voice recorder.